Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diet Plan … What Diet Plan ?

I blogged about my second attempt at "dieting/diet control" here exactly a month ago! The first one was pretty effective and I lost about 4 Kg in a month in the month of April :-)

Well … The Diet plan for the month of July (second attempt) went for a completely toss. Well Almost.

I had anticipated that the diet plan for the month of July might not be very successful since I knew that office timings will be rough and I won't be able to devote time regularly to gym and cooking; but I hadn't realy thought it would be this bad.

I actually gained weight instead of losing it.

Well … no cause for an alarm though. I have just gained a few hundred grams and I am not crossing the 81 KG mark in this month (I was exactly 80 Kg a month ago).

My sight is now on the month of August-Sept. Hope that those 6 weeks are good and conducive for my diet plan. And can help me shed a few kilos before I go to India for a 10 day trip (wherein I am sure to gain a few).

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