Friday, September 25, 2009

the loss

It seems i lost her recently ...
then again .. something tells me i lost her a long time ago ...
Never realised when i lost her ... i still kept hanging on to it ...
the hopelessly hopeful optimist person i am ...
wish somethings in life were a lot more clearer than they are !

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Memorable Alibaug trip with Friends

I had gone to India in June and within a few hour of landing at Mumbai airport, I was on my way to Nikhil's residence where Shubham and Arijit. I was joining them for a 2 day trip to Alibaug!

It had been a long time since I had gone out with friends …. A very very long time …
The key highlights of the trip were the Alibaug Beach and the Fort, beside the overnight stay at a guest house and the long drive from Mumbai to Alibaug in Nikhil's car and back.

Long time since I had soaked myself up in sea water, otherwise it has been Mumbai rains all the time soaking me up at the most unexpected of times ... (And I always loved it)

It was nice to be back to the sea after my 'walk in the water' a several months ago in Dubai …

The only dampener was the 'apparent pollution' of the sea water at Alibaug. Something which seemed like oil (brown in color) was gradually creeping up the shore. All the sea water was brown and looked awfully dirty. We walked up to a distant spot of the beach where the 'polluting oil spill' reached about half an hour later. That half an hour was pure fun in water. The big waves thrashing against our bodies and we literally going under water with every wave.

Another highlight was the visit to the Fort. Surrounded by the sea it was magnificent. The disappointing part was that it was in ruins (literally). No maintenance at all. I don't think there were any restoration efforts made to the fort and when I say restoration, I don't mean renovation. I don't want to see a 'repaired' fort. I want to see a 'restored' one. Something which looks like what it was and what it is supposed to be and not something which is a modern construction done with cement and concrete.

It was a long time since I had gone out with friends.
It was a long time since I had laughed so much.
I probably laughed and had more fun in 2 days than the entire past 2 year.
It was simply wonderful. An unforgettable outing.
The last such memorable one was a trip to Matheran in 2003 and another one to Matheran in 1999 !!
(And i am talking about trips with friends here)
The trip to Matheran on 25th Dec 1999 was the most memorable one ! Memories for Life !!