Monday, May 23, 2011

FB Creativity

Someone put in a lot of thought, creativity and effort to create this ... Enjoyed reading through all the different parts of the profile including friends, likes, people you may know, FB comments stream, even the 'rare' photos :)

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

April Reading …


I had expected this month to be slow one for reading … just like the last one. It turned out just the same. I did not read any Feluda stories last month so I HAD to read one this month and so I took it up first thing. Picking up the large thick volume of Feluda once again was a nice feeling.

In the entire month, I read only 3 stories … all of them from Feluda series (after a month of no feluda stories, this one was compensatory with only Feluda stories :)


1. Feluda: Trouble in Gangtok by Satyajit Ray

It was an interesting story line with a few twists and a suspense which seemed to lead nowhere. One couldn't suspect any one and one could suspect everyone on the scene. The end turned out to be a good one.


2. Feluda: The Golden Fortress by Satyajit Ray

It seemed like an interesting premise to begin the story with … a little boy who can remember his past life. Well, that premise became a backdrop of the story and not the actual mystery to be resolved.

With a para-psychologist and several other possible suspects in the backdrop of the Rajasthan deserts and forts; Satyajit does a good job at telling a story. What I found interesting was how he brings in the cultural aspects of Rajasthan in the story, teaching the Bengali children (the primary target group of his stories) something about the different cultures of the country.


3. Feluda: The Mystery of the Kalka Mail by Satyajit Ray

This story begins with a seemingly simple thing and then blows up to including multiple mysteries and twists. A valuable manuscript, a diamond, a trip to Shimla … all made the whole story interesting. It was also interesting to see the contrast between the 2 consecutive Feluda stories taking the story from the hot deserts to the cold mountains, from sand to snow.


Labyrinth by Kate Mosse …. Continued to read this one at snail's pace. It is nowhere near completion yet. Will I be able to complete it ??

hope the next month is better than this one although ... .. ...  

Series Completion Score (as of 31st March 2011):  

Three Investigators     11 out of 35

Feluda                         06 out of 35

Sherlock Holmes         17 out of 56

Total                           34 out of 126

Sunday, May 08, 2011

BIrds need you ...

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Hanna ...not Montana

Saw the movie 'Hanna' last night ...

Premiere show at Dubai Mall Reel cinemas ...

my own rating of the movie ... "OK OK" ...

there was this one-shot-no-break fight sequence which was nice though where the camera continously goes round the protaganist as he kicks and punches the goons ... interesting one ..