Friday, July 31, 2009

Terror Tourism / Political Tourism / Slum Tourism

A few years ago when the novel as well as the movie Da Vinci Code became a hit ... a lot of 'Da Vinci Code' Tours spiralled out taking the tourists through all the places which are mentioned in the book.
There is also another kind of Tourism which has seen a rise in the past decade ... the rise of Terrorism across teh globle.
Places and Sites targettted by Terror Attacks by Terrorists have become Tourist Spots ...
Whether it is the World Trade Center (9/11) or is it the Taj Hotel of Mumbai (Nov 26 or we denote it in India .. our 26/11) or is it any of the other countless 'bombed/terrorist hit' locations across the world ... all of them are are becoming Tourist Spots where people visiting the city come and see the landmark which was hit.
Guides provide a vivid description of what happened and how they were witness to the horrors of the event (whether they were present or not is another story) ...
It even get better ... with "Political Tourism" – the recent visit by Hillary Clinton to India and staying at the Taj in Mumbai as a case in point. It was 'symbolic' they say. Similarly .. symbolically, Diplomatic visitors to US visit the WTC too.
And yesterday night on CNN; they were talking about SLUM Tourism ... Tourists visiting the HUGE slums of Kenya and India (specificially, Dharavi in Mumbai) to see the 'life on the unde-side' (a mild reference to the life of people below the poverty line).
 We humans are a strange lot ..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Muting out ParleG and escaping the Jungle !!

Since i dont get 'Colors' and since i dont really enjoy 'Star Plus', i end up watching 'Sony' here in my Dubai Hotel where the choice between Indian channels is pretty narrow.
(Another reason i watch so much of NDTV 24X7 so much these days, no choice at all there :) ... and I dont regret it. hardly any other news channel which impresses me.
So, while random channel surfing, i chance upon the latest reality show of Sony "Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao" and i was watching it with 'some' interest when suddenly something happened!
I heard something (instead of something) and was shocked, surprised and amused (in that order)
In a particular scene ... the word ParleG was muted with a beep; the treatment which is usually reserved for all kinds of abusive words uttered in the reality shows (giving it the sort of essence of reality)!
Was ParleG considered an abusive word or is simply the marketing and sponsorship department censoring the content off the reality show. I think it is the latter

Will the reality show remain 'real' if such kind of 'stupid' censorship is done?

Already there is a lot written and talked about the 'scripting' of the reality show. Wont such acts further strengthen the perception?

Is someone from 'Is Jungle se Mujhe bachao' team listening.

I did not like the beeping out of the word ParleG in a harmless statement which was an expression of a person's feeling rather than any advertising propaganda. By beeping out the word, the impact and essence of the sentence was lost. (You should have just edited the scene out - cut cut snip snip)
More importantly the innocence of the character in that moment was lost (which is probably something the program doesn't mind since innocence doesn't sell, sex, abusive language and controversy does!
So much for the reality of the reality shows !
Addendum: This was a several days ago. the day before yesterday in one of the Jungle Challenges, the 'celebrity' was literally bathed in awful stuff like maggots, stomack content of the crocodile, chicken shit (potty) ... (there was more to come but the celebrity could not go any further) ... YUCkieee ... AND Yesterday another contestant was supposed to 'earn dinners' by eating (chewing, swallowing) 'ice lollies' with cockraches, ants, earthworms etc etc in them. .. YUCK !!!!!
Well ... The program just lost a viewer ! I just cant watch it.
I am vegetarian.
And as far as the 'checken shit' and 'croc's insides' are concerned - Well .. I am human.

Diet Plan … What Diet Plan ?

I blogged about my second attempt at "dieting/diet control" here exactly a month ago! The first one was pretty effective and I lost about 4 Kg in a month in the month of April :-)

Well … The Diet plan for the month of July (second attempt) went for a completely toss. Well Almost.

I had anticipated that the diet plan for the month of July might not be very successful since I knew that office timings will be rough and I won't be able to devote time regularly to gym and cooking; but I hadn't realy thought it would be this bad.

I actually gained weight instead of losing it.

Well … no cause for an alarm though. I have just gained a few hundred grams and I am not crossing the 81 KG mark in this month (I was exactly 80 Kg a month ago).

My sight is now on the month of August-Sept. Hope that those 6 weeks are good and conducive for my diet plan. And can help me shed a few kilos before I go to India for a 10 day trip (wherein I am sure to gain a few).

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mooli Methi Paratha :)

I discovered Paratha King (near Karama Post office in Dubai) about 10 months ago and I fell in love with that place almost immediately. They serve about 100+ varieties of Parathas and the Parathas are really really good. They also have another joint "Go Bananas" which specializes in Western snacks like Pizzas, Frankie, Burritos etc. I love them too.

This post is not about PK or GB or about the good quality food they serve and how much I love eating out at these two joints.

This is about a funny incident which occurred there. One hot and humid evening of Dubai Summer (about 2 week ago), I went to Go Bananas along with my colleague Aseem. There is no/little space to sit and dine in PK so we sit in GB and order a mix of Paratha, Frankie and Burritos J (Enjoying the best fo both worlds :)

There was new lady (I think Phillipino) to take the order and we placed an order for a "Mooli Methi Paratha" to begin with. To our utter surprise, after 10-15 minutes she brought two plates with 2 parathas and kept it on our table.

When asked "Why two?".

She innocently answered "Sir, You ordered 2 Parathas. One Mooli and One Methi"

Me and Aseem could only smile.

Later on we told this to the owner of the joint, Mr. Pankaj Pathak, and even he had a nice little laugh.

Well, not that we did not have what we wanted. We both took half of each type and ate it like a sandwich. So in effect, we did manage to eat a "Mooli Methi Paratha" followed by a Veg. Burritos !
Life's little funny moments ...

(BTW … Just in case you are interested to read more about PK/GB and their owner Pankaj Pathak - click here - Its an entrepreuners story ... somthing i yearn to be)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

You showed me the way ...

You showed me the way ... 
You led me through life holding my hand ... 

You showed me what life was ... 
You showed me what Love was ...
You showed me what being loved was ...
You showed me what loving someone was ... 

Now you are gone ... nowhere in sight ...
Now in life, nothing seems to be right
Without You, i feel lost ...
completely lost ... 

Monday, July 27, 2009

Education <=> Confidence

The education for the most part was of poor quality, but that does not matter, because of what I have called the Placebo effect of education. What it confers is confidence, while the real knowledge is gained on the job - which is why dropping out of college doesn't do much damage to upper-middle-class kids, who presumably already have an ample supply of confidence.
an interesting article

Mumbai High Tide of 26th July - I missed it :(

Someone sent me pics of yesterday's 'record' high High Tide in Mumbai (as an email forward) ... and then i "surfed up" (literally) some more from the internet !
I soooo much miss being in Mumbai ... at Marine Drive ... at gateway of India ... at Juhu Beach ...
Wish i had been there ... experiencing the Big Splash on my face and washing away the tiredness from my body ...
Wish I had been there ... watching the strong currents and waves which make you seem like a lilliput...
Wish I had been there ... watching the wild wild fury of the "Samudra Devata (Sea God)" ...
Wish i had been there ...  

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Kiss ... I miss ... and a lot more.

Gtalk Chat in Hindi !!

Ever since i started emailing (way back before year 2000) ... I have been writing mails to friends in a strange manner which is pretty common  ... 

Writing Hindi words using English Alphabets. Not just email, even messenger chats would go that way. Millions of words have been written (by me alone) in this manner in the past decade. 
आप समझ रहे हैं न मैं क्या कह रहा हूँ .... would be written as "Aap samajh rahe hain na main kya keh raha hoon"

When Gmail introduced the feature to write in Hindi, it was a delight. I still do write in the Hindi-English fashion but then there are times when i catually switch that feature 'on' and write it in hindi 'properly' 

Now I have become greedy ... I want this feature to be extended to G-Chat/G-talk tooo .... 

Hope to see it soon ... 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

When Exams are Near ! A Poem !

When exams are near, I tremble with fear.
Whatever I learn, I leave it in rear.
Math which frightens me most,
Hovers upon me like a Ghost!
Trigo is the worst of all,
B'cos it fries me hot like a toast !
Science the next.
Is like a pest !
Physics, Bio, Chemistry,
Are the toughest !
Physics of lenses and projectile motion,
Needs a lot of confusion calculations !
Producing Static friction in our brains,
With the organic compounds being the biggest strain !
Biology has Botany with Algae and Plants,
Along with Zoology with Dissection if Ants,
Circulation, Respiration, Ingestion, Digestion,
Leaving the students with Constipation !
Languages next in the row,
Nothing in them is difficult so.
Textbooks thirsting for our touch,
B'cos about them, we don't worry much !
Electronics with their confusing Circuits,
Technologies like Integrated Chips and Biscuits !
Computer Hardware and Software,
Giving our head a nice wear and tear !
So when Exams are near …
I tremble with a  terrible Fear !!
This was the poem I wrote when i was in Junior College (actually .. first year of college) ... somewhere in 2004-2005
Luckily, I had taken Electronics as a vocational subject so I did not have to study Hindi and Biology (I hated Bio like anything) !

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Post No. 202 :)

After I made the previous post on some Hollywood movies, I had a look at my side-bar archives section and was wondering when I would cross my 200th post. A quick count revealed that I had just missed the 200th Post.

And with that realization, the pang of NOT making a "this is my 200th post" post hit me for a few milliseconds. A few milliseconds got added to that when I realized that even the 100th post had happened without me realising it.

Well … not to be outdone by fate and my nearly non-existent memory .... here it is.

This is my 202nd blogpost on this blog :D

That's it ! Thats my milestone marking blog post ! A marker in time in the virtual reality we live in.

And talking of virtual reality ... you should check this comic out here

Some Movies ...

I recently saw two movies on TV ... "The Game" and "The Paycheck"

It was nice to see the movies 'again'. I had seen them first during my NITIE days (2003-2005)

I had loved them then … I love them now. Both are simply fantastic.

I also realised that the game was an inspiration for Bluffmaster and the Paycheck inspired the future viewing technology invention of Krishh :)

These also reminded me of the movie "The Phonebooth" … yet another striking movie I had liked.

Also, I saw a trailer for a movie on TV yesterday ... named "Derailed" ... While I saw the trailer / teaser; i remembered the Imran Hashmi starrer "Train" and realised that Train was most probably a frame to frame copy of Derailed...

And while I am on the subject of movies .. let me tell you that while on my last India visit, i saw the movie "Angels and Demons"

I had read all 4 of Dan Brown novels a couple of years and don't really have a great memory; but could still find some important things missing from the movie. Disappointing.

I think it is always going to be like that. I read a book and when I see a movie based on that book, i get disappointed.

Be it Harry Potter Series or Bourne Series or now the Dan Brown Series of 'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and Demons' ... although movies are getting good and better at capturing and recreating the vividness of the almost magical and authentic scene & background ... they thoroughly miss out on the part of the writing that is going on in someone's head. The thoughts and the feelings, the inner turmoil (Bourne series) and the wonder (Harry Potter) ...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A Loner … A Loser !!

Loneliness ...

I have never spent time with myself...

I dont go into those introspection states when one talks to oneself...

I somehow never got anything out of talking to myself... or thinking about past events (partly the bad memory to be blamed) and ... I have always hated and feared being alone...

Yes ... I fear being alone .... not that i get scared or frightened of the ghosts or shadows ...

I am just scared of the feeling of loneliness which also gives the feeling that u r no longer needed...

and thats what i hate ... i hate that fear and i fear that feeling of loneliness ... of not being wanted ...

And as fate would have it .... the things i hate and fear have to figure in the scheme of things and say 'hi' to me every now and then :D

So here I am .... alone ... away from home ... away from family and friends ...

moreover ... friends ... best friends have drifted away ...

being hopelessly hopefully optimistic ...

i do expect them to come back and include me in their life and let me include them in my life ...

but till then ... here i am ... alone !

a loner ... a loser ... (just a small difference ... )

(the above feelings became especially prominent during the long 3-day weekend which i had. I whiled away my time watching TV ... i realise i need to shake myself out of it ... hope i am able to do so sooon ... )

Monday, July 20, 2009

Bombay & Lord of War

Well, if you haven't noticed it yet, both are movies.

Bombay is a Mani Ratnam directed Indian movie with music by A R Rehman, released in 1995.

Lord of War is a Andrew Niccol directed, Nicholas Cage starrer Hollywood Movie, released in 2005.


I saw the movie 'Lord of War' a few days ago and was surprised to hear A R Rehman's music in it. A small piece of music titled the "Bombay Theme Tune" from the movie Bombay was used in a sequence in Lord of War where Nicholas cage sits watching an airplane being dismantled by villagers.


I always loved the music of the movie Bombay and it was nice to hear it after a long time.
The song "Humma Humma" , my all time favourite, still rocks me and evokes a thousand memories of my junior college days.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Stagnant Life

Thats what i am struggling with these days ...

With so much happening around ... inside it feels like life has come to a stand still ...

And the problem is that its not the tranquil peaceful stillness that one would love to have at times in ones life ..

Its the sluggish and stagnating variety smelling of loneliness and gloom ... which i personally hate ...

Right now i am sooo immersed in it that I am finding it difficult to even come out it ...

The motivation does not exist. The inspiration does not exist.

I know, there is no one who can actually pull me out of it ... except myself.

Those who can ... are not there.

Ironically, had they been there, I wouldn't require any pulling out in the first place.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Missing Mumbai ! Missing Home !

Today it rained heavily in Mumbai …

There was water logging everywhere across the city and even the Trains were slow and late and at some point in time they even stopped for some time …

I had called home in the morning and asked Dad to send some courier and then called again to check hoping he had NOT left home in these rains. Luckily he had not stepped out J he was home the whole day.

I would have loved to be in Mumbai today.

Would not have gone to office and would have spent the day with parents with mom ke haath ke banaye hue garma-garam bhajiyas, pakoras and a Marwari delicacy called 'gheria'

Would have loved to go out in the rains and get wet.

Would have loved to go out and see the Andheri subway submerged in water (its hardly 100 meters from my home and always in news during heavy rains).

Would have loved to see the dark gray skies from the open window of my bedroom and the lashing rain with reduced visibility

But here I am … in Dubai ..where its hot and humid …

I don't want to be here L

I want to be Home. I want to be in Mumbai.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Coincidental events and a wonderful day !

Last Friday was a strangely nice day.
A chance happening leading to me discovering something good.
The elated feeling leading to a change in gtalk status message which invited enquiry from a good old friend of mine which translated into a nice long chat ... further making the status message true'er !
The day brought many smiles … A real good day ...
And now ... I am missing my best friends ... long time since i have talked to them ...

Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Blue Screen of Death … The Machine’s middle finger for us mortals!

Yesterday my Laptop gave me the ‘middle finger’ ... well not exactly … it showed me the Blue Screen of Death.


The Blue Screen of Death (also known as a stop error, BSoD, bluescreen, or Blue Screen of Doom) is a  colloquialism used for the error screen displayed by some operating systems, most notably Microsoft Windows, after encountering a critical system error which can cause the system to shut down to prevent damage. Blue screens on NT-based Windows systems are usually caused by poorly-written device drivers or malfunctioning hardware. (Source: Wikipedia )

And it did not do it once … or twice, It has already done it 4 times and I am already scared to switch it on again. B'coz the last time I saw the blue screen on my laptop (way back in march 2007) its hard disk crashed and I lot all my data L

So … here I am … shit scared … of losing my data once again. 

Data .. which included project files, my PST, digital photographs of past 10 months (dubai life), and loads of electronic trails of personal memories … and the loss of the last part is the most painful one.

For a person like me, whose actual memory (I am referring to the Brain my dear) is literally non-existent; I depend heavily on 'external storage devices' and a loss of such kind is colossal for me. Unfortunately I am not carrying my 500 GB Hard Disk on this trip to Dubai and I will probably have to find some means of backing up my 'emotionally relevant' and 'professionally relevant' data before my laptop or its Hard Disk breathes its last.

I don't think I have mentioned I ever in my blog, but my laptop is a Dell Inspiron and I named it 'SilverSnow' ('Dollops' is the pet name :) And she is beautiful. She has served me well in the past 3.5 Years ever since I purchased it in Switzerland (Jan 2006). 

Maybe its time to begin evaluating other laptops on the market shelves. A big expense coming up ahead ... and this comes at a time when I am supposed to be conserving every bit of cash I have (got some HUGE expense commitment ahead) 

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A beautiful scene … and the spoiler ...

Imagine a house … a small cottage in the middle of the country side … like the one you see in dreams or in Yash Chopra movies (typically in Switzerland)

Greenery all around … bright sunshine … beautiful flowers creating a riot of colors …  a soothing sight … a mind refreshing fragrance ...

The cottage located on the banks of a small lake … Birds chirping all around … the soft sound of water flowing ... music to your ears …

A perfect place to be … a perfect moment to savour … a perfect tranquil life J

Then comes the spoiler…
Suddenly ... dark clouds loom over the horizon and before you realize, they cast a shadow over this peaceful tranquil dream. You move indoors. Inside the house is still darker. You realize there is no electricity. There is darkness outside and it's the same inside.
It seems as if the light has been sucked out of your life. You remember the Demons of Azkaban from the Harry Potter tales ... the Dementors ... who suck out hope, happiness, joy out of one's soul.
You get the same sinking feeling as you sink in your sofa. You feel the gloom and 'blackness' all around as well as inside.


Does the above scene sound graphically melodramatic … straight out of the movies ... !!


Now imagine the scene as your life and the house as your heart …

Now does this scene make some 'real' sense?

Have you ever experienced such times in life when the dark clouds loom … and seemingly refuse to part ways to let the sunshine in …

If not … You are real lucky and I personally wish you never experience such a thing.

If yes … well .. I don't think I have anything more to say !

Thursday, July 09, 2009

Birthday Wishes !! A Poem !!

Birthday Wishes !!!


May God bless You with Happiness,

And a sharp brain to play chess !

May God bless You with all the Beauty,

And a great devotion to your duty !

May God bless You with Compassion,
And a liking for the latest Fashion !
May God bless You with with a glamorous Style,

And a chweet, lovely, cheeky smile !  

May God bless You with all the knowledge,

By the time you leave College !

May God bless You with a Birthday everyday,

To make your life joyous and gay !

In the end, Hemant will say

Many Many Happy Returns of the Day !!!



Sounds kiddish ... right !!
Remember … I wrote this peom when I was in school :D
I was a kid then :D

Sounds kiddish right !! Remember … I wrote it when I was in school :D

This was my first attempt at Poetry (in English) ...

I had written a hindi poem before this titled "Ulta Pulta" which got published in a hindi magazine too :D

Hopefully I will find it somewhere in my 'real world paper archives' and then i can blog it too !


And a top secret is that the poem was first written for a girl:D

Not my friend though. Did not have any ‘girl’ friends back then since was in a boys school L

A friend of mine wanted to give it to someone on whom he had a crush J

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Surprise Visitor to my blog

One of my client side team member reached my blog :D
Rejith is one the Al Rostamani employees who works closely with us (Mahindra Satyam Team) for the current SAP Implementation project which is called "Tamkeen" (which is an arabic word meaning Empowerment).
He told me today that he reached my blog. i was pleasantly surprised and amused.
I havent really ever thought about popularizing my blog or promote it or increase its readership. I am perfectly fine with the few readers that might chance upon its contents through search or cross-links ...
Never really thought one of my clients would land upon my blog and recognise me and then even tell me about it ....
strange things happen ... and sometimes perfectly normal ordinary things happen that somehow feel strange ...
either way ... the strangeness did bring an amused smile on my face !

If at all …

last week I heard this on the only news channel i watch these days NDTV 24X7 .... and was pretty much amused ...
Shiney said in his bail application (as reported by media): "If at all there was sex, it was consensual"
What exactly does he (Shiney) means to say 'if at all' doesn't he know if he had sex with the maid?

Sounds strange to me … dunno what the court will/has read into it ?

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I blog ... away from Home!!

Long post ahead ... you have been warned ... and its about Me and this blog and nothing else ... no social comment or an observation of life around ... its about me adn my blog !! so .. you have been warned :D
The sidebar displays the number of post I have made in the past few years and a click on the small triangle next to the year also shows month wise posts made. I happened to notice it recently was pleasantly surprised to see that in this year (which is not even half way through) I have made more than 70 blog posts ... which is much much higher than any other years total and that too I have done it within the first 6 months of the year.
I made a few other observations tooo  … the BIGGEST and most strange one of that is "I blog more when I am away from home. When I am at home, I almost forget my blog"

That actually set me thinking … why did it happen that I blogged more when I was away from home, away in some foreign land, away from family and friends. I realized that the blog was my 'friend' with whom I used to share some of my thoughts etc.

So here is a journey down memory lane … year-on-year account of my blogging along with stats and context …


The numbers in the parenthesis indicate the number of blog posts made in that particular year or month. Following each year's stats, I have written something about that year 


2003 (1) - December (1)


A lone post - Literally a "hello world" post I would say J I started blogging !


2004 (23) - February (3), March (2), July (1), August (4), September (4), October (7), November (1), December (1)


Most part of the year in NITIE campus, exploring myself and blogging about it too. Blog posts were mostly emotional. It was like talking to a friend; expressing the deep emotions inside. During the months of April-May-June; I was not in campus but away in Hosur for Summer's and hence no posts. I did not have regular connectivity there.


2005 (4) - August (1), October (2), December (1)


Left NITIE in Jan and came home. At home for most part of the year until World health Project started in October. Made a one week trip in Oct and then went for good in November last week. Practically spent the whole year at home, resulting in just 4 posts in 12 months. Again ... in line with the trend of not-blogging-from-home,


2006 (40) - February (8), April (5), June (3), July (5), August (1), September (5), October (3), November (7), December (3)


2006 was a year in Switzerland. Away from home, I blogged pretty regularly round the year. I wrote consistently in almost all months except a few. I wrote more than i wrote in last 2 years combined :)
One of the posts in the beginning of the year was about the concept behind the name "shoOOonya" ... you could check it here ... its an interesting one :D


2007 (8) - October (6), November (2)


Came back from Switzerland in first week of Feb; Got married in April and stayed in Mumbai for the rest of the year till September. Went to Malaysia in September and started blogging again J December was a busy month with some opportunities and problems in life took all my time, leaving no time to think.


2008 (39) - June (1), July (1), August (5), September (6), October (10), November (9), December (7)


First half nothing. I was in Malaysia for first 3 months but a lot of things were going on in my life and my blog was the last thing on my mind. I had gone to Bangalore on a project for a month and a half (was supposed to be 6 months). That was in June-July. I started writing. August brought me to Dubai and I have been blogging ever since pretty regularly.


2009 (75) - January (13), February (12), March (8), April (15), May (10), June (13), July(3)


Onsite in Dubai till date. I am writing pretty regularly. More posts than ever before. In fact, for the first time I have crossed more than 50 posts in a year and it's just mid-year. Maybe if I continue to be on this project and in Dubai, I might complete "100 posts in a year" milestone too ending up with about 150 by the end of the year. And that would be MORE than the total number of blog posts I have made in last so many years (2003 to 2008)
One of the reasons the number of blogs has increased now in 2009 is that it is now easier to blog. I blog simply by typing my thoughts into an email and sending it to blogger. The content gets posted into the blog. No need to go to blogger and go through the (now seeemingly) cumbersome process of posting a blog. 
This short-cut to blogging has helped me a lot. Now, laziness does not hamper my blogging :D
Just out of curiosity, I went back to see the 100th post i made on this blog. It turned out to be this one.
Interesting Huh!!  

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The New 'Photographer's Delight in Mumbai

The All the Bandra Worli Sea Link has 'finally' opened ... its been a lonoooooong wait ...


Its a beauty in itself ... a new destination for the photographers in Mumbai ...


the sea-link promises beauty from a thousand different angles and view points ... in all different shades and colours ... at all time of day, twilight and night ... and yes .. in all weather conditions .. sunny, cloudy and RAINY !


I would just love to have some clicks … I am not sure if the designers created any lane to walk across the sea-link !! It would be such a delight to walk across the 5.6 KM stretch with the sea breeze blowing all around you, the vast ocean on one side and Mumbai city skyline on the other



On a different note ... there was such a debate and controversy and fight over naming the sea-link ... debate over which politician to name it after ...

Even now after the inauguration, some protest seems to be going on (you could read about it here )


Don't these political parties got something better to do. Why not leave thye name of structure out of their agenda. Why not call the sea link simply "Bandra Worli Sea Link" … simple intuitive and easy to remember.

Or as one of my colleague, Aseem, suggested. If you indeed have to keep a 'name' , why not pick up the name or names of the martyrs of Nov.26 terrorist attack in Mumbai … or a personality who has contributed to India significantly in recent times without being affiliated to a political party.


Why !! Oh Why ! Do our political leaders and their armies have to spend useless wasted efforts on non-issues!


Thursday, July 02, 2009

Round Figure !

In my previous post, I wrote about my weight being 80+ …

On the evening of June 30th before I began my Diet period from July 1st

I weighed myself and found that it is exactly 80.0 KG !!!

Well ... I did not believe my eyes or the electronic weighing scale.

So tried again only to see the figure of 80 once again!
Now thats what i call a "Round" figure ! Quite Literally !!!