Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Mooli Methi Paratha :)

I discovered Paratha King (near Karama Post office in Dubai) about 10 months ago and I fell in love with that place almost immediately. They serve about 100+ varieties of Parathas and the Parathas are really really good. They also have another joint "Go Bananas" which specializes in Western snacks like Pizzas, Frankie, Burritos etc. I love them too.

This post is not about PK or GB or about the good quality food they serve and how much I love eating out at these two joints.

This is about a funny incident which occurred there. One hot and humid evening of Dubai Summer (about 2 week ago), I went to Go Bananas along with my colleague Aseem. There is no/little space to sit and dine in PK so we sit in GB and order a mix of Paratha, Frankie and Burritos J (Enjoying the best fo both worlds :)

There was new lady (I think Phillipino) to take the order and we placed an order for a "Mooli Methi Paratha" to begin with. To our utter surprise, after 10-15 minutes she brought two plates with 2 parathas and kept it on our table.

When asked "Why two?".

She innocently answered "Sir, You ordered 2 Parathas. One Mooli and One Methi"

Me and Aseem could only smile.

Later on we told this to the owner of the joint, Mr. Pankaj Pathak, and even he had a nice little laugh.

Well, not that we did not have what we wanted. We both took half of each type and ate it like a sandwich. So in effect, we did manage to eat a "Mooli Methi Paratha" followed by a Veg. Burritos !
Life's little funny moments ...

(BTW … Just in case you are interested to read more about PK/GB and their owner Pankaj Pathak - click here - Its an entrepreuners story ... somthing i yearn to be)


  1. Eeeks! I dislike both mooli and methi!

  2. This is Pankaj Pathak Here.

    I read the article, and found funny enough and made the philipino waitress to read the blog. She too is now laughing it.

    Thanks and regards to all.