Sunday, July 26, 2009

Gtalk Chat in Hindi !!

Ever since i started emailing (way back before year 2000) ... I have been writing mails to friends in a strange manner which is pretty common  ... 

Writing Hindi words using English Alphabets. Not just email, even messenger chats would go that way. Millions of words have been written (by me alone) in this manner in the past decade. 
आप समझ रहे हैं न मैं क्या कह रहा हूँ .... would be written as "Aap samajh rahe hain na main kya keh raha hoon"

When Gmail introduced the feature to write in Hindi, it was a delight. I still do write in the Hindi-English fashion but then there are times when i catually switch that feature 'on' and write it in hindi 'properly' 

Now I have become greedy ... I want this feature to be extended to G-Chat/G-talk tooo .... 

Hope to see it soon ... 

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