Sunday, July 05, 2009

The New 'Photographer's Delight in Mumbai

The All the Bandra Worli Sea Link has 'finally' opened ... its been a lonoooooong wait ...


Its a beauty in itself ... a new destination for the photographers in Mumbai ...


the sea-link promises beauty from a thousand different angles and view points ... in all different shades and colours ... at all time of day, twilight and night ... and yes .. in all weather conditions .. sunny, cloudy and RAINY !


I would just love to have some clicks … I am not sure if the designers created any lane to walk across the sea-link !! It would be such a delight to walk across the 5.6 KM stretch with the sea breeze blowing all around you, the vast ocean on one side and Mumbai city skyline on the other



On a different note ... there was such a debate and controversy and fight over naming the sea-link ... debate over which politician to name it after ...

Even now after the inauguration, some protest seems to be going on (you could read about it here )


Don't these political parties got something better to do. Why not leave thye name of structure out of their agenda. Why not call the sea link simply "Bandra Worli Sea Link" … simple intuitive and easy to remember.

Or as one of my colleague, Aseem, suggested. If you indeed have to keep a 'name' , why not pick up the name or names of the martyrs of Nov.26 terrorist attack in Mumbai … or a personality who has contributed to India significantly in recent times without being affiliated to a political party.


Why !! Oh Why ! Do our political leaders and their armies have to spend useless wasted efforts on non-issues!


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