Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I blog ... away from Home!!

Long post ahead ... you have been warned ... and its about Me and this blog and nothing else ... no social comment or an observation of life around ... its about me adn my blog !! so .. you have been warned :D
The sidebar displays the number of post I have made in the past few years and a click on the small triangle next to the year also shows month wise posts made. I happened to notice it recently was pleasantly surprised to see that in this year (which is not even half way through) I have made more than 70 blog posts ... which is much much higher than any other years total and that too I have done it within the first 6 months of the year.
I made a few other observations tooo  … the BIGGEST and most strange one of that is "I blog more when I am away from home. When I am at home, I almost forget my blog"

That actually set me thinking … why did it happen that I blogged more when I was away from home, away in some foreign land, away from family and friends. I realized that the blog was my 'friend' with whom I used to share some of my thoughts etc.

So here is a journey down memory lane … year-on-year account of my blogging along with stats and context …


The numbers in the parenthesis indicate the number of blog posts made in that particular year or month. Following each year's stats, I have written something about that year 


2003 (1) - December (1)


A lone post - Literally a "hello world" post I would say J I started blogging !


2004 (23) - February (3), March (2), July (1), August (4), September (4), October (7), November (1), December (1)


Most part of the year in NITIE campus, exploring myself and blogging about it too. Blog posts were mostly emotional. It was like talking to a friend; expressing the deep emotions inside. During the months of April-May-June; I was not in campus but away in Hosur for Summer's and hence no posts. I did not have regular connectivity there.


2005 (4) - August (1), October (2), December (1)


Left NITIE in Jan and came home. At home for most part of the year until World health Project started in October. Made a one week trip in Oct and then went for good in November last week. Practically spent the whole year at home, resulting in just 4 posts in 12 months. Again ... in line with the trend of not-blogging-from-home,


2006 (40) - February (8), April (5), June (3), July (5), August (1), September (5), October (3), November (7), December (3)


2006 was a year in Switzerland. Away from home, I blogged pretty regularly round the year. I wrote consistently in almost all months except a few. I wrote more than i wrote in last 2 years combined :)
One of the posts in the beginning of the year was about the concept behind the name "shoOOonya" ... you could check it here ... its an interesting one :D


2007 (8) - October (6), November (2)


Came back from Switzerland in first week of Feb; Got married in April and stayed in Mumbai for the rest of the year till September. Went to Malaysia in September and started blogging again J December was a busy month with some opportunities and problems in life took all my time, leaving no time to think.


2008 (39) - June (1), July (1), August (5), September (6), October (10), November (9), December (7)


First half nothing. I was in Malaysia for first 3 months but a lot of things were going on in my life and my blog was the last thing on my mind. I had gone to Bangalore on a project for a month and a half (was supposed to be 6 months). That was in June-July. I started writing. August brought me to Dubai and I have been blogging ever since pretty regularly.


2009 (75) - January (13), February (12), March (8), April (15), May (10), June (13), July(3)


Onsite in Dubai till date. I am writing pretty regularly. More posts than ever before. In fact, for the first time I have crossed more than 50 posts in a year and it's just mid-year. Maybe if I continue to be on this project and in Dubai, I might complete "100 posts in a year" milestone too ending up with about 150 by the end of the year. And that would be MORE than the total number of blog posts I have made in last so many years (2003 to 2008)
One of the reasons the number of blogs has increased now in 2009 is that it is now easier to blog. I blog simply by typing my thoughts into an email and sending it to blogger. The content gets posted into the blog. No need to go to blogger and go through the (now seeemingly) cumbersome process of posting a blog. 
This short-cut to blogging has helped me a lot. Now, laziness does not hamper my blogging :D
Just out of curiosity, I went back to see the 100th post i made on this blog. It turned out to be this one.
Interesting Huh!!  


  1. wow!! u have been blogging for quite long. I started in 2007. Blogger didnt appeal much so i moved to wordpress. Been a regular reader of your blog for few months.

  2. @Reema

    Nice to see your comment and nicer to know someone is watching my blog :D

    I am kind of too lazy to explore other platforms like wordpress ... as u might have figured out from the last part of my recent post ... the number of posts have increased only after it became easier to post :D