Thursday, July 02, 2009

Round Figure !

In my previous post, I wrote about my weight being 80+ …

On the evening of June 30th before I began my Diet period from July 1st

I weighed myself and found that it is exactly 80.0 KG !!!

Well ... I did not believe my eyes or the electronic weighing scale.

So tried again only to see the figure of 80 once again!
Now thats what i call a "Round" figure ! Quite Literally !!!


  1. 80 is quite normal weight only. But it is good to maintain the same.

  2. @Nilavan

    I agree with 80 being nrmal ... According to BMI, i should be around 67-70 ... Upto 80 I was not really thinking. But when it touched 85, I thought better of it. So now I want to keep it around 75 so that occasional increase will not push it beyond 80 !!