Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Surprise Visitor to my blog

One of my client side team member reached my blog :D
Rejith is one the Al Rostamani employees who works closely with us (Mahindra Satyam Team) for the current SAP Implementation project which is called "Tamkeen" (which is an arabic word meaning Empowerment).
He told me today that he reached my blog. i was pleasantly surprised and amused.
I havent really ever thought about popularizing my blog or promote it or increase its readership. I am perfectly fine with the few readers that might chance upon its contents through search or cross-links ...
Never really thought one of my clients would land upon my blog and recognise me and then even tell me about it ....
strange things happen ... and sometimes perfectly normal ordinary things happen that somehow feel strange ...
either way ... the strangeness did bring an amused smile on my face !

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