Wednesday, September 14, 2011

August Reading …

A good month for reading it was … the count is 7 stories … which is a mix of the regular 3I, Feluda and Sherlock stories along with a novel. Finished Volume 1 of Feluda and also completed a collection of Sherlock Holmes story (the last story of which is a mere recording of Sherlock Holmes' death!!)


1. The Three Investigators & the Mystery of the Nervous Lion by Nick West

From dragons in the last story, we move on to real wild animals. This time the case involves animals in a private animal sanctuary and during the course of the story, the 3 investigators come face-to-face with a lion, panther and a gorilla on 3 different occasions

The story is not much about the nervous lion though it is the reason the 3 boys get involved and begin to explore the nervousness while tripping over one mystery after the other discovering that a host of strange characters are involved in the mystery.


2. Sherlock Holmes: The Adventure of the Naval Treaty by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

A very confidential and secret document is stolen and the person who is held responsible for the same approaches Sherlock to uncover the mystery after quite some time (since he is himself down with brain fever after the theft and is able to reach Sherlock only after recovery)

An interesting set of circumstances spike Sherlock's interest in the case and he takes it up and solves it with his usual flair. In this particular one, he sits and stares at a room from outside waiting for the culprit to make his move. All he does (before taking up his observation post) is to create conditions that will make the culprit make his move.


3. Feluda: The Mystery of the Secret of the Cemetery by Satyajit Ray

I am nearing the end of the first Feluda Volume (finally). I should have completed it by June though; nevertheless this month should see the closure of Volume 1.

This story involves a cemetery where a person is hurt in a storm and a grave is dug. Feluda begins to dig into history of the city and its people only to discover a person with a colourful history who lived more than 100 years ago. Feluda traces his family tree and finds the 'family members' who live in the city, unknown to each other. Coming back to the grave, an object is (to be) stolen from the grave and Feluda, not only anticipates it, but also takes it on himself to protect it.  


3. Feluda: The Mystery of the Secret of the Curse of the Goddess by Satyajit Ray

The last story of the first volume of Feluda, Phew

A twisting turning story where focus keeps shifting between a Tiger which escapes from a circus and a family of strange people headed by an old man who relishes talking in riddles (who eventually dies during the story, leaving behind a riddle/puzzle for Feluda to solve)

Strange thing is while you are reading the story, u almost don't think or read anything that justifies the title of the story. The story keeps winding around things and finally the story of the Tiger and the old man collide.


5. Evil Genius by Catherine Jinks

This was one of the dozen books I picked up in Dubai 8 months ago. Finally decided to begin something from that lot and Evil Genius happened to have the most interesting title.  

I liked this one. Its been some time since I read such stuff. A Genius kid who is being 'trained' in World Domination at an institute designed specifically for that purpose where the subjects being taught are stuff like embezzlement, forgery, disguise, counterfeiting, lying and so on.

The kid discovers himself through the story … finding his evil and good side. There is small twist in the tail of this tale which is interesting. I liked the story and the narrative. Nothing too great but decent enough.

Looking forward to reading the sequel to the story. It's a trilogy. 


6. Sherlock Holmes: The Final Problem by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

This is a story where Sherlock Dies! Need I say more … but let me try

There is no mystery n this story. No crime or murder to be solved. Sherlock is closing in on one of the most notorious criminals of this time and the story ends in his death.


7. The Three Investigators & the Mystery of the Singing Serpent by M. V. Carey

Well …. It wasn't exactly a singling serpent. Yes, there was a kind of serpent involved and there was some kind of a strange singing involved and the two of them were linked with superstition and belief in black-magic. The story also has a character (a girl) who pretty much 'dominates' the trio of investigators. A very interesting character


Series Completion Score (as of 31st Aug 2011):  

Three Investigators     17 out of 35

Feluda                         17 out of 35 (Vol. 1 completed)

Sherlock Holmes         26 out of 56 (2 Collections + 2 Long stories completed)

Total                           60 out of 126

12 Red Herrings          06 out of 12

Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gandhi Topi !!

I am sure the  head gear / head wear / cap above needs no introduction. It is the all-famous Gandhi Topi or the Gandian Cap or any other version of the cap name with the Gandhi name attached it.
I have often wondered 'why so'? And I have wondered so because in the countless images, sketches, photos of Mahatma Gandhi … I have never seen him wearing this 'Gandhi Topi' !!
Strange …

Sunday, September 04, 2011

Video Collage of Pics - An experiment

My First Eid at The Dubai Mall Slideshow: Nisha’s trip to Dubai, United Arab Emirates was created by TripAdvisor. See another Dubai slideshow. Take your travel photos and make a slideshow for free.