Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gandhi Topi !!

I am sure the  head gear / head wear / cap above needs no introduction. It is the all-famous Gandhi Topi or the Gandian Cap or any other version of the cap name with the Gandhi name attached it.
I have often wondered 'why so'? And I have wondered so because in the countless images, sketches, photos of Mahatma Gandhi … I have never seen him wearing this 'Gandhi Topi' !!
Strange …


  1. at times it was called as Nehru Topi (that's what I recollect from my childhood days) ... not sure from where it picked up the name Gandhi topi ... i think, association of any struggle with country's sovereignty aligns with freedom struggle ... and the top most name is none other than Bapu's ...

  2. think it's the Nehru Topi as chaos mentioned...