Sunday, February 28, 2010

Books I read in February

Books I read in February .......

1. See Jane Die by Erica Splinder

--- Kind of Murder Mystery .. nice read. i likes it.  nice twist in the tail of the tale. Nice interplay of relationships and twists and turns in the story.

2. "Love, Rosie" aka "Where Rainbows End" by Cecelia Ahern

--- An absolute emotional roller coaster. For me it was reading with tears in my eyes for the first time in life. i even blogged about it while I was reading it  

3. Murder in the Mews by Agatha Christie (Hercule Poirot Series)

--- collection of 4 Hercules Poirot stories ... Murder in the Mews, The Incredible Theft, Dead Man's Mirror, Triangle at Rhodes ... Frankly I am not sure if I am going to pick up another one from this series. Did not really like it.

--- I would rather not write anything about it except maybe 'I did not like them much' ... My fav are Sherlock Holmes, 3 Investigators and Feluda

4. Ice Station by Mathew Reilley

--- Like the other Mathew Reilley i read last month, this was again action packed. I guess I will end up reading all of his work. I have read most of Ludlum work and now its Reilley !! I Likes !!

 ...................................... its absolutely lovely to be back into the reading groove ................................

Thursday, February 25, 2010

If Sachin Tendulkar had a Manager !

This is how Sachin's Manager would 'grade' him during his annual appraisal ...

Hmmm .... So you have put the 200 scorer as your Biggest achivement during past year .. lets analyse this

200 Runs / 147 Balls / 25X4 / 3X6

Agree you have done GREAT BUT BUT BUT BUT ... (there is always a BUT)

25 x 4s = 100  and  3 x 6s   =  18

This implies that you have done 118 Runs in 28 Balls. .... Nice. Very Nice. Excellent.

Also you managed ... 12 x 2s = 24  and  58 x 1s = 58

NOW ... all this means you have done all 200 Runs in only 98 balls ...... FANTASTIC !! WELL DONE >>>

BUT ... (Now comes the BIG BUT)  

This also menas that you have wasted 147-98 = 49 balls


 Considering only 1 run scored on each of these balls you could have earned 49 valuable RUNS FOR OUR TEAM


MANAGER'S COMMENT: Sachin 'only' met the expectations and NOT EXCEEDING (though anyone of our team could not do it) and his Grade is  MEDIUM 

Trainings Recomended for Sachin: Learn from how to STEAL singles. ( you better know what I mean stealing single )


I just couldnt help sharing this here :) Got it as a forward ...

The Appraisal season is just around the corner :)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


"Your imagination is your preview of life's coming attractions." ~ Albert Einstein


Now whether you make the efforts to go ahead and buy the tickets and then enjoy the movie or just act lazy and skip it … is entirely your own sweet choice. And THAT my dear is what i also call "That's Life"  ~ HK :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

My Name is Gossip

My Name is Gossip
--Author Unknown
I have no respect for justice.
I aim without killing.
I break hearts and ruin lives.
I am cunning and malicious, and gather strength with age.
The more I am quoted, the more I am believed.
I flourish at every level of society.
My victims are helpless.
They cannot protect themselves against me,
Because I have no face.
To track me down is impossible.
The harder you try, the more elusive I become.
I am nobody's friend.
Once I tarnish a reputation, it is never the same.
I topple governments, wreck marriages and ruin careers. . .
Cause sleepless nights, heartaches and indigestion.
I spawn suspicion and generate grief.
I make innocent people cry in their pillows.
Even my name hisses.
I make headlines and headaches.

Before you repeat a story, ask yourself . . .
'Is it true?
Is it fair?
Is it necessary?'
Gossip and Rumours are born out of human inquisitiveness, creativity, the inability to communicate 'exactly' what was communicated to them without distortion and the ability and desire to communicate 'more' than what was communicated to them ... the 'more' reflecting the creativity used to make the 'story' more interesting and spicy by adding ficticious elements and twists-n-turns.
Beware !!
(BTW .. the 'poem' above was an email forward )

Friday, February 19, 2010

I don't like Agatha Christie's Hercules Poirot

I don't like Agatha Christies 'Poirot" !


I was, I am and I guess, I forever will be a Sherlock Holmes, 3 Investigators and Feluda Fan !!


I have been a Sherlock Holmes and 3 Investigators Fan ever since my school days. I voraciously read every available book on both from my school library. I read maybe one or two Agatha Christie's Hercules Poirot stories then and did not like it. I did not even like the TV series on Agatha Christie stories ,,, although on the other hand I loved the carrot-munching Karamchand (played by Pankaj Kapoor) immensely.
Feluda is a more recent discovery (Thanks to my best friend Shraddha) and I love the writing style. As Satyajit ray himself put it, the stories were written for a Teenage audience and hence the writing was deliberately kept simple and crimes of passion etc were kept out of the story line.


So I am sorry Agatha Christie, but I don't like Hercules Poirot !!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Best Friends

Friendship isn't a big thing - it's a million little things.
True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable
Having good friends is a gift ... Having a Best Friend is a blessing !
Your best friend is one who shows you the mirror; shows you what you are, makes you realise your hidden potential and helps you discover the real You.
Your best friend will not agree with all that you do and say and think. Your best will tell you what is right, where you are right and also where you are wrong or mistaken.
Your best friend is your hope, your motivation, your strength, your sounding board, your moral support, your SOS call, your partner-in-crime (i mean the innocent kind), your companion all through life.
And while you revel in the blessing and be happy about having a Best Friend ... Dont forget to be an equally good Best Friend to your Friend !!
What your Best Friend has done for you ... You gotta do for your Best friend too ...
Not that your best friend will complain if you did not act like their best friend .. they hardly would. Best friends are the kind who wouldnt ask for anything in return.
But having a best friend makes u responsible for being a best friend
Being Friends has always been a two-way thing ...
Being Best Friends requires your love, sensitivity and understanding ...
So if you have a Best Friend (or even Good Friends) ... hold on to them tight ... they are precious and rare !! very very precious and rare !!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Making things happen ...

If you want it to happen, you must make it happen.
If you let it happen, you won't like what happened !!!
 ~ Dale Adams
And Thats Life ...
  ~ HK ( Thats Me :)

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Special

What happens when you paste a marketing gimmick without applying thought? A near Disaster !!

 Valentine Day is round the corner and everyone (literally everyone is trying to push sales of their wares / products / services using 'special Valentine offers' …

Times Shopping regularly features a set of products in the newspapers for people to buy at discounted prices. Today morning I found the "same" ad with the same old regular products with a small change. Two RED hearts were added to the ad with the words 'Valentine Special'. Ignore the fact that the products had little to do with Valentine or love.

The most shocking and actually hilarious thing was that the ad contained an offer on the product "16 GB Pen style Spy Cam" !!

WOAH !!! What a thing to sell as V-Day special  !!

(Come to think of it; some would actually buy it. Either to spy or even to mis-use taking clips of unsuspecting partners to create dirty MMS or simply blackmail material. So be careful while you are out there on V-day with someone special who has a weird looking PEN)

Addendum: Before I could post this piece, I saw the next days newspaper. The ad changed with another set of products and 'outstanding' (read 'standing out') product in the Valentine Specials this time is a Electric Drill Machine !!! So … what exactly am I supposed to do with a Drill Machine on V-Day ???
BTW !! I have no plans for this Valentine. The day is scheduled to be plain boring me !!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Parents are the barometers of emotions for children

There's something completely unnerving about seeing your parents upset. I suppose it's because they're supposed to be the strong ones, but that's not just it.
Ever since people are kids they use their parents as some sort of measurement for how bad a situation is.
When you fall on the ground really hard and you can't figure out whether it hurts or not you look to your parents.
If they look worried and rush toward you, you cry.
If they laugh and smack the ground saying "Bold ground," then you pick yourself up and get on with it. 
Parents are the barometers of emotions for children and it has a domino effect on them.
from the book "Love, Rosie" by Cecelia Ahern

Monday, February 08, 2010

Winners and Quitters

Winners never Quit !!
Quitters never Win !!
Right ???
Well .. recently i realised that even "Quitters Do Win"
special case scenario actually ...
Quit your Job and become an entrepreuner :)
Quitters Do Win !!!

Sunday, February 07, 2010

Books and Tears ...

I have never cried or had tears in my eyes while reading fiction.
Primarily bcos i kept myself away from emotional stuff. I kept myself confined to the world of fantasy, mystery, thrillers etc. Stories and Writings of excitment, suspense, action ...

Recently my best friend Shraddha gave me this book "Love, Rosie" by Cecelia Ahern and said " You will like it" ... and the claim i made above was shattered a few days later when i started reading this book

Well ... it started like this ... i randomly started reading the book at almost mid-night thinking i would just read a few pages before i doze up. I was already sleepy and thought some emotional read might just put me to sleep quicker.

Boy I was wrong. By the time i reached page 10 ... i was like hooked and booked.

I just went on reading ... stopped at about page 100 when the wall clock said it was 2 AM and i just couldnt keep my eyes open. More so bcos they were pretty much soked in tears.

The book doesnt "tell" you a story. The book is a compilation of exchanges (hand written notes, letters, emails, sms, chat etc) between 2 Best friends and their families and friends around. How they go thorough life and keep in touch (and lose touch only to touch back again) .... how they love each other but life kind of plays spoilsports pushing them in different directions. The book literally spans 50 years of their lifetime

Cecelia Ahern has beautifully presented their life story through their exchanges and communication. this was story telling in an entirely different manner.

I LOVED IT. ... just as my best friend had said. :)

Reading the interactions between the best friends .. how they talked to each other, how they understood each other, how they were there for each other when one was in need of the other; I kept drifting into nostalgia every few pages .. relating the exchanges to times in my life when i have behaved well, badly, rudely, nicely with my friends and especially best friends. Thinking about the times i might have hurt them by what i said, by what i didn't say and by not understanding actually what they were trying to say. Times i behaved like an understanding friend and times i behaved like a jerk. I went through the book with mixed feelings. Sometimes liking myself and at times hating myself too.

The memories and thoughts would flood (first) my mind and (then) also my eyes.
I 'blame' my best friends for first giving me all the memories and then for making me read this fantastic emotional and often funny book. Thank You !!

I'm Loving it !!

i would love to send this message across to Cecelia Ahern ...
You book brought me to tears. "Love, Rosie" is a fantatic composition of yours. Absolutely Lovely.


Friday, February 05, 2010

Trouble and Love

Trouble is part of your life, and if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you enough chance to love you enough ~ DINAH SHORE 

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Books i read in Jan

After looking at my Movies post and the post about my first love (Books) ... i thought why not record my reading this year on my blog. That way I will also know what i have been reading
So heres what i read last month .. i suspoect i have forgotten what else i read (i do have a poor memory u see)
1. One More Day - Mitch Albom
     Very emotional stuff.

2. Seven Ancient Wonders - Matthew Reilley
     Thriller. Action Packed. Adventure and History. It was like reading the script of Indiana Jones !! Really wonderful to read this. I am now hooked onto Matthew Reilley.
3. Mystery Stories - collection of short stories by various authors selected by Helen Cresswell
     Not so great read. Collection of several short stories. Some good. Some not so good.

Tuesday, February 02, 2010


Friendship isn't about whom you have known the longest, who came first , or who cares the best...
It's all about who came and never left.
.... This is for all those friends of mine ... who never left.

Monday, February 01, 2010

Secret Admirer !!

So how does it feel to have a Secret Admirer ?


Well … it depends. If the secret admirer begins to stalk you it can get scary.


If the secret admirer begins to stalk your words … written word .. then what … ??

well .. its simply gets intriguing !!!


So … coming to the point … I have a secret admirer !!

Well … not exactly !


Its actually my blog (and yes my written word) who have managed to have a secret admirer. Am I jealous … well "No". Am I interested … well "Very".


A friend of mine recently told me that her friend loves my blog. I asked my friend to introduce me to this friend of hers but she made it clear that 'that' was not going to happen. Reason – she did not tell.


This secret admirer is also a Silent admirer. She can very well comment on my blog or talk to me or chat with me via gtalk or write to me through email… but she also chooses to hide behind the veil of secrecy !!


After a long interval, I made a couple of blog posts and beside some good friends I was also expecting her to comment and identify herself but nothing of that sort happened. So I thought let me talk to her directly .. in the language she understands. The language of the written word in the blog


Hi, I invite you to begin a dialogue with me. I would love to talk to you and maybe even meet you. I would love to hear from you about what you like / love about my blog. Maybe your insights can help me improve my blog and attract more people to read my random ramblings .. finding my contact details should be as easy as googling my name or blog title :P


So with this invitation .. I close this unique blog post of mine …


Some of you will surely be thinking that I am being out of my character … and that this is absolutely a zOke :0
Let me add here something … (That might just be true)


hee hee hee