Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine Special

What happens when you paste a marketing gimmick without applying thought? A near Disaster !!

 Valentine Day is round the corner and everyone (literally everyone is trying to push sales of their wares / products / services using 'special Valentine offers' …

Times Shopping regularly features a set of products in the newspapers for people to buy at discounted prices. Today morning I found the "same" ad with the same old regular products with a small change. Two RED hearts were added to the ad with the words 'Valentine Special'. Ignore the fact that the products had little to do with Valentine or love.

The most shocking and actually hilarious thing was that the ad contained an offer on the product "16 GB Pen style Spy Cam" !!

WOAH !!! What a thing to sell as V-Day special  !!

(Come to think of it; some would actually buy it. Either to spy or even to mis-use taking clips of unsuspecting partners to create dirty MMS or simply blackmail material. So be careful while you are out there on V-day with someone special who has a weird looking PEN)

Addendum: Before I could post this piece, I saw the next days newspaper. The ad changed with another set of products and 'outstanding' (read 'standing out') product in the Valentine Specials this time is a Electric Drill Machine !!! So … what exactly am I supposed to do with a Drill Machine on V-Day ???
BTW !! I have no plans for this Valentine. The day is scheduled to be plain boring me !!

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