Thursday, February 25, 2010

If Sachin Tendulkar had a Manager !

This is how Sachin's Manager would 'grade' him during his annual appraisal ...

Hmmm .... So you have put the 200 scorer as your Biggest achivement during past year .. lets analyse this

200 Runs / 147 Balls / 25X4 / 3X6

Agree you have done GREAT BUT BUT BUT BUT ... (there is always a BUT)

25 x 4s = 100  and  3 x 6s   =  18

This implies that you have done 118 Runs in 28 Balls. .... Nice. Very Nice. Excellent.

Also you managed ... 12 x 2s = 24  and  58 x 1s = 58

NOW ... all this means you have done all 200 Runs in only 98 balls ...... FANTASTIC !! WELL DONE >>>

BUT ... (Now comes the BIG BUT)  

This also menas that you have wasted 147-98 = 49 balls


 Considering only 1 run scored on each of these balls you could have earned 49 valuable RUNS FOR OUR TEAM


MANAGER'S COMMENT: Sachin 'only' met the expectations and NOT EXCEEDING (though anyone of our team could not do it) and his Grade is  MEDIUM 

Trainings Recomended for Sachin: Learn from how to STEAL singles. ( you better know what I mean stealing single )


I just couldnt help sharing this here :) Got it as a forward ...

The Appraisal season is just around the corner :)


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