Monday, February 01, 2010

Secret Admirer !!

So how does it feel to have a Secret Admirer ?


Well … it depends. If the secret admirer begins to stalk you it can get scary.


If the secret admirer begins to stalk your words … written word .. then what … ??

well .. its simply gets intriguing !!!


So … coming to the point … I have a secret admirer !!

Well … not exactly !


Its actually my blog (and yes my written word) who have managed to have a secret admirer. Am I jealous … well "No". Am I interested … well "Very".


A friend of mine recently told me that her friend loves my blog. I asked my friend to introduce me to this friend of hers but she made it clear that 'that' was not going to happen. Reason – she did not tell.


This secret admirer is also a Silent admirer. She can very well comment on my blog or talk to me or chat with me via gtalk or write to me through email… but she also chooses to hide behind the veil of secrecy !!


After a long interval, I made a couple of blog posts and beside some good friends I was also expecting her to comment and identify herself but nothing of that sort happened. So I thought let me talk to her directly .. in the language she understands. The language of the written word in the blog


Hi, I invite you to begin a dialogue with me. I would love to talk to you and maybe even meet you. I would love to hear from you about what you like / love about my blog. Maybe your insights can help me improve my blog and attract more people to read my random ramblings .. finding my contact details should be as easy as googling my name or blog title :P


So with this invitation .. I close this unique blog post of mine …


Some of you will surely be thinking that I am being out of my character … and that this is absolutely a zOke :0
Let me add here something … (That might just be true)


hee hee hee


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  2. In that case..........let the 'paheli' be 'paheli' and you be happy with the fact that you have a Secret Admirer.

    And at the same time - lemme put in a request to the secret admirer- Girl if you are reading this, get connected to Hemant. He is a a nice person and like you know - a good blogger & conversationalist.