Sunday, February 07, 2010

Books and Tears ...

I have never cried or had tears in my eyes while reading fiction.
Primarily bcos i kept myself away from emotional stuff. I kept myself confined to the world of fantasy, mystery, thrillers etc. Stories and Writings of excitment, suspense, action ...

Recently my best friend Shraddha gave me this book "Love, Rosie" by Cecelia Ahern and said " You will like it" ... and the claim i made above was shattered a few days later when i started reading this book

Well ... it started like this ... i randomly started reading the book at almost mid-night thinking i would just read a few pages before i doze up. I was already sleepy and thought some emotional read might just put me to sleep quicker.

Boy I was wrong. By the time i reached page 10 ... i was like hooked and booked.

I just went on reading ... stopped at about page 100 when the wall clock said it was 2 AM and i just couldnt keep my eyes open. More so bcos they were pretty much soked in tears.

The book doesnt "tell" you a story. The book is a compilation of exchanges (hand written notes, letters, emails, sms, chat etc) between 2 Best friends and their families and friends around. How they go thorough life and keep in touch (and lose touch only to touch back again) .... how they love each other but life kind of plays spoilsports pushing them in different directions. The book literally spans 50 years of their lifetime

Cecelia Ahern has beautifully presented their life story through their exchanges and communication. this was story telling in an entirely different manner.

I LOVED IT. ... just as my best friend had said. :)

Reading the interactions between the best friends .. how they talked to each other, how they understood each other, how they were there for each other when one was in need of the other; I kept drifting into nostalgia every few pages .. relating the exchanges to times in my life when i have behaved well, badly, rudely, nicely with my friends and especially best friends. Thinking about the times i might have hurt them by what i said, by what i didn't say and by not understanding actually what they were trying to say. Times i behaved like an understanding friend and times i behaved like a jerk. I went through the book with mixed feelings. Sometimes liking myself and at times hating myself too.

The memories and thoughts would flood (first) my mind and (then) also my eyes.
I 'blame' my best friends for first giving me all the memories and then for making me read this fantastic emotional and often funny book. Thank You !!

I'm Loving it !!

i would love to send this message across to Cecelia Ahern ...
You book brought me to tears. "Love, Rosie" is a fantatic composition of yours. Absolutely Lovely.


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  1. You should try reading "P.S. I Love You" - it's by Cecelia Ahern too. It was made into a movie too, starring Gerard Butler and Hillary Swank. Try it.