Saturday, October 30, 2004

:: The Complete Arbit Collection ::

The Complete Collection of "Arbit Choudhury"
India's First Ever B-schol comic Character

You have read about the making of Arbit and

also about the making of the comic strips.

Here is the complete collection of Arbit Choudhury Comic Strips till date.

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. . . shoOOonya . . .

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Thursday, October 28, 2004

:: Blood Donation ::

hi friendzz . . .

Well ... I finally managed to do it ....

Yesterday I donated Blood .... for the first time in my life .....

There was a Blood Donation drive conducted by the Rotaract Club of NITIE and I was the third person in the early morning to do it.

There have been occasions in rthe past when i got a chance to do this noble activity but missed every time. This time I had decided ... come what may ... I would definately do it ... And I did.

October 27th, 2004 .... goes down in History (my personal history i mean ...) as the day when shoOOonya first donated blood. (Fortunately I have not yet seen the day when I received blood).

Frankly it was a very nice experience. to donate blood adn to know that someday this same blood would be instrumental in saving someone's life .... Even you should do it .....

Facts About Blood and Blood Donation

• Just one person’s donated blood can help save as many as three people’s lives.
• The average adult has 10 pints of blood in his or her body.
• One unit of blood is roughly the equivalent of one pint.
• Blood makes up about 7% of your body's weight.
• A newborn baby has about one cup of blood in his or her body.
• There are four main blood types: A, B, AB and O.
• AB is the universal recipient and O negative is the universal donor.
• Blood centers often run short of type O and B blood.
• Shortages of all types of blood occur during the summer and winter holidays.
• If all blood donors gave 2 to 4 times a year, it would help prevent blood shortages.
• Blood donation takes four steps: medical history, quick physical, donation, and snacks.
• The actual blood donation usually takes less than 10 minutes.
• The entire process, from when you sign in to the time you leave, takes about 45 minutes.
• Giving blood will not decrease your strength.
• You cannot get AIDS or any other infectious disease by donating blood. Provided safety measures are taken care of by the blood collecting officials
• Fourteen tests, 11 of which are for infectious diseases, are performed on each unit of donated blood.
• Any company, community organization, place of worship or individual may contact their local community blood center to host a blood drive.
• People donate blood out of a sense of duty and community spirit, not to make money. They are not paid for their donation.
• Much of today's medical care depends on a steady supply of blood from healthy donors.
• One unit of blood can be separated into several components (red blood cells, white blood cells, plasma, platelets and cryoprecipitate).
• Apheresis (ay-fur-ee-sis) is a special kind of blood donation that allows a donor to give specific blood components, such as platelets.
• After donating blood, you replace these red blood cells within 3 to 4 weeks. It takes eight weeks to restore the iron lost after donating.
• There is no substitute for human blood.
• Since a pint is pound, you lose a pound every time you donate blood.
• Anyone who is in good health, is at least 17 years old, and weighs at least 110 pounds may donate blood every 56 days.
• It’s about Life.

So ... grab the next oportunity you get to donate blood and 'just do it'

keep smiling and have a great day ...

... shoOOonya ...

Friday, October 15, 2004

Arbit Developments !!

hi friendzz ...

In my last two post I had talked about how the character sketch of Arbit was developed .... Let me take the discussion further ... the most crucial part ... developing the comic strips ...

Mission Impossible II: Comic Character to Comic Strip

First Things First : Idea Generation

a). Think of original ideas. Days and Nights were spent pondering over humour in common B-school situations, application of management funda in real life and so on.

b). Take ideas from the environments. Ideas were taken from friends and classmates.

c). Test ideas on Humour scale. Ideas were presented to a test audience, for their feedback. Ratings were taken and finally all ides were ranked.

The Making of the Comic Strip – The Art Work – The Hard Work

a). Visualize the setting. Common B-school environs were visualized.. canteen, library, class, stairs and so on.

b). Draw draft with pencil. (This req'd loads of talent . . . . )

c). Refine Draft. The draft sketch was checked for proportions and aesthetics.

d). Finalize Draft. After all refinements, the draft was finalized by bordering with pen. At this stage, the strip looked something like this-

Adding Colour to Arbit's World . . .

a). Scan drawing.

b). Decide the colour combinations.

c). Fill colours using Photoshop. After this, the image looked somewhat like this-

d). The standardized Title Bar is then adjusted in the space designated for it in the top portion of the strip.

e). Finally, fill in the dialogues. Thus, an edition of the 1st ever B-school comic strip gets created.

The Climax :

Release of a fresh comic strip everyday during the 15 days of MastishK.
Meeting the 12 Midnight deadline. A Total of 19 Strips released till date.

The Result :

History has been created.

The First ever B School Comic Character and his Comic Strips have been launched.

Arbit was first launched on the MastishK website on September 5th for the world to see. We fix that day as the Birthday of Arbit Choudhury. Year after year, as MastishK and Arbit will gain popularity, Arbit’s B’Day will be celebrated on 5th September (Teacher’s Day) to boost the efforts put into MastishK.

Hope you have enZoyed this journey thro' the Making of Arbit Choudhury ! ! !

keep smiling and have fun . . .

. . . shoOOonya . . .

Arbit ke Pics . . .

hi friendzz . . .

In my last post i wrote about the character sketch and visual sketch development of Arbit . . .

Let me show you the first visual appearances of Arbit in informal, semi-formal and fully formal wear. . .

With these images in mind ... with the Character ready ... we were heading for a new battle .... the making of the comic strips !!

Next blog on the "Making of the Comic Strips"

. . . shOOonya . . .

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Arbit Choudhury ki kahaani ...

Hi friendzz ….

In my last blog I had promised to write about the ups and downs of my roller coaster life in the past few weeks. While in hibernation; I am also trying to gather those happy memories of the past weeks which helped me survive. So, let me write something on the brighter side of the life.

Somewhere in my previous posts I have mentioned something about creating India’s First Ever B School Comic Character. This character was created specifically for MastishK and it will continue to be an integral part of MastishK as its Mascot for years to come.

Let me narrate to you the whole process of conceptualization and development of India’s First Ever B School Comic Character and then the regular hard work put into creating the individual comic strips. This endeavor has been a very satisfying experience for me. Arbit is like a baby whom we nurtured from conception to birth and now … its growing.

Vision / Mission: To create India’s First ever B-school comic Character.

Mission Impossible I : Creating the Character

a) Decide on who should the lead character represent. As the strip was meant for B-school junta, the lead character was suitably conceptualized as a leading B-school student.

b) Decide the name of the strip/character. After much deliberation, the character was christened “Arbit Choudhury”. We went thro several sleepless nights and thoughtful days, sieved thro’ countless options, discussed several probable names before finally agreeing on Arbit.

c) Design the character sketch. The complete character sketch including the likes, dislikes, aims, aspirations, habits, behavior, talents were defined. The final character sketch was as follows-

“Arpit Choudhury is a typical 2nd Year MBA student of a leading B-school in India. His life revolves around all the daily chores of an MBA education; quizzes, tests, assignments, presentations, competitions, case studies, net-surfing, chatting, Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V are as much part of his daily routine as food, drinks, friends and girl-friends.

Sleep is word not present in his Dictionary. As any other management grad., he dreams big, and farts bigger. He often juggles with the concepts of strategy, logistics, marketing, finance etc. and tries (in vain) to apply these in real life situations.

He has come to believe that : “Management is an Art… And Art is a 4 letter word with the 'F' silent !’”.... His wisecracks frequently have everyone rolling in mirth. Perturbed by his penchant for blurting business balderdash, his friends jokingly call him “ARBIT Choudhury”

This whole stage saw a lot of discussion, argument and counter arguments between Me, shubham and Nikhil. We fought for each and every thing. We kept on fine tuning things because we knew; what we fix up today will be going to be the foundation of something big to come. And we better lay down a strong well tuned foundation.

d) Design the appearance. After the character sketch came the real visual charcter “sketch”. Shubham was entirely responsible for this part as I am in no way anywhere close to being an artist.

I remember, in third or fourth standard; in the exam we had 3 drawings of 10 + 10 + 5 marks. On evaluation, that *&&%$#$%#%$^ Art Teacher gave me only 2 marks out of 25. That ^%$$#%$@^%$^ teacher failed me. So you must have got an idea of my free hand drawing skills. (As far as engineering drawing was considered, I was amongst the best in my class and actually very good at it getting almost 23 out of 25 and consistent AA+ rating )

Moral of the Story : Shubham was the sole person responsible for creating the visual character sketch. He designed the look of the character. His face-cut, his hair-style, his facial expression, his style, his clothing …. (being a comic character; we decided to maintain the same dress throughout the comic strip; but outside the strip . . . he was the MastishK Mascot. So we gave him a semi-formal and formal look too.)

In my next post, i will describe how we went thro' the making of the "Comic Strip".

till then .... keep smiling and have a great day ....

. . . shoOOonya . . .

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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Hibernation . . .

hi friendzz . . .

I am planning to go into hibernation for the next few days ... i am emotionaly not ready for anything new at this prsent moment. Too many conflicts around me ... inside me ....

I want to simply REST for some time to let things stablize in my mind.

I have to get some things straight in my mind. Right now, I feel lonely ! Absolutely lonely with no one around. i know some people who love me and care for me will not like this statement because they are there for me. But somehow, right now I am all alone.

The feeling I have is that I am not required. Thats one reason I am withdrawing from things and people. And my last hope of being wrong was that if i am missing and people do miss me, they will either call or inquire about me and my absence.

Well ... have not received any ... I guess no one is missing me or people are simply relieved that I am no longer there to interfere in their work. They no longer have to bear me. What a relief. If that is true; i guess I have made a right decision to withdraw. Atleast I am not troubling people now. hehehe

In the past several weeks, any idea, any suggestion, any viewpoint I expressed was simply rejected, shattered, refused, criticized ..... i was getting tooooo many rejections. It was Ok in the beginning. I was taking it as part of the game. But as time passed, it became a regular feature. Everything I said was simply not acceptable. I was now getting emotionally drained due to continuous and regular rejections. Things were simply not going as planned or as intended.

Over the period of time, I felt that I was no longer in the driver's seat nor in the Navigator's seat. I was there just to do somethings as decided and deemed fit by others. Not that i mind doing that, but I was not there to do things in this way. I was not to take directions only. I was there to create a direction. And now, I find that the direction in which things are going is no where close to what I had intended.

It is very difficult fer me to express exactly what is on my mind or what is exactly the chaos i am facing in my mind. i have never been good at words after all.

But the status as of today is quie different. There was a certain authority i commanded in the project by virtue of being the Event Co-Co-ordinator. Today, i find that authority being completely ignored and insulted.

Things are happening without my consent or advice. Things which have been decided after much debate that they will happen in a certain manner, are again done in a different manner (the manner which I had opposed) without even informing me (as if it were being done undercover, assuming that I wud not come to know about it and even if i did, what the heck !! who am i to say anything abt it ....). I find a total dis-regard of my authority and at times a total dis-regard of my existence as well.

But the end result is that I am living in a feeling that I am not required. In fact my absence is a sign of relief, may be.I am personally emotionally drained. I cant take any arguments any more.

Wherever I feel, i express my opinion and inform the others that here is what i feel. Now you can do what you feel like. I personally do not have enough emotional energy to debate and prove my point beyond a certain degree. if you agree, fine. If you dont, well ... nothing new for me, do as you like. now, i hardly care.

Last 3/4 months, I have devoted 24 X 7 of my life to MastishK .....and now when it is live and running .... i am detaching myself from it.It is very painful to detach myself from my baby at this stage but I guess i better do it.

I literally have no say in how things should be. My view point is not acceptable to anyone. Rather than creating any friction, I rather let them do what they want to do with my baby MastishK.

I am right now, jotting some pointers for the junior team to whome we will be handing over MastishK.Some learnings. Some guiding path. Some things to take care of. Some starters. Some ideas.

May Be .....
I am all wrong. No one is wrong. Its only me. Its all my fault.

May be ...
My thinking and thought process and ideas are so radically different or unique that people simply cant apprecitae their significance or impact. And hence the continuous rejection because they are not ready to accept them.

May be ....
Its all wrong in my head only. All that feeling of loneliness and betrayal and disregard is only a figment of my imagination.

Whatever it is .....
I am going into a sort of hibernation ...I will remain visibly inactive in the coming days.I will remain visibly absent in the coming days.I will remain with myself in the coming days. if people around me dont need me , well ... i am not going to disturb them.

I will keep coming to post on the blog to jot down my thoughts.I feel the current times in my life are going to bring in some massive change in my life. Dunno wether the change is going to be good or bad or worse (i am fearing the worse.)

Hope to survive this chaos in my life !!


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Saturday, October 09, 2004

Long Time ... No See . . .

hi friendzz ...

Its been a long long time since I posted somethig on this blog. The last post dates back to 16th September; a few days before our Module 5 Exams. Our exams spanned from 20th to 27th.

Before the exams got over; MastishK site was re-launched with the description of the games on 24th itself. In the middle of the exams; I found myself working on MastishK.

After the last paper on 27th; the day when the site exploded completely adn the Event began as all the games were thrown open; i got completely immersed in MastishK. That was the reason; i did not get time to look at my blog.

The event will get over on 11th/12th and then results will be announced. The whole thing will be wrapped up by 15th and then Prerana will happen in NITIE campus. This year student participation will be high and a lot of fun and game too.

Coming back to myself .... in the past one month ... life has been a roller coaster ride !

On this day ... at this moment ... I am not Happy !! Not at all happy !!

MastishK is going on fine ... but I am not happy . . .

Several things have happened in my life in the past one month ... on so many different fronts ... it was like a period of failure ... everywhere ... i was failing ... in relationships ... in work ... in exams ... in studies ... in understanding others and myself .... everywher ... all i met with was failure . . .

of course .. there were some cute moments of happiness too ... but alas ... they were few and short ...

Will write about them one by one as time goes by ...

Once MastishK is over, i presume i will be left with quite some time for myself and my blog !!

... shoOOonya ...