Friday, October 15, 2004

Arbit Developments !!

hi friendzz ...

In my last two post I had talked about how the character sketch of Arbit was developed .... Let me take the discussion further ... the most crucial part ... developing the comic strips ...

Mission Impossible II: Comic Character to Comic Strip

First Things First : Idea Generation

a). Think of original ideas. Days and Nights were spent pondering over humour in common B-school situations, application of management funda in real life and so on.

b). Take ideas from the environments. Ideas were taken from friends and classmates.

c). Test ideas on Humour scale. Ideas were presented to a test audience, for their feedback. Ratings were taken and finally all ides were ranked.

The Making of the Comic Strip – The Art Work – The Hard Work

a). Visualize the setting. Common B-school environs were visualized.. canteen, library, class, stairs and so on.

b). Draw draft with pencil. (This req'd loads of talent . . . . )

c). Refine Draft. The draft sketch was checked for proportions and aesthetics.

d). Finalize Draft. After all refinements, the draft was finalized by bordering with pen. At this stage, the strip looked something like this-

Adding Colour to Arbit's World . . .

a). Scan drawing.

b). Decide the colour combinations.

c). Fill colours using Photoshop. After this, the image looked somewhat like this-

d). The standardized Title Bar is then adjusted in the space designated for it in the top portion of the strip.

e). Finally, fill in the dialogues. Thus, an edition of the 1st ever B-school comic strip gets created.

The Climax :

Release of a fresh comic strip everyday during the 15 days of MastishK.
Meeting the 12 Midnight deadline. A Total of 19 Strips released till date.

The Result :

History has been created.

The First ever B School Comic Character and his Comic Strips have been launched.

Arbit was first launched on the MastishK website on September 5th for the world to see. We fix that day as the Birthday of Arbit Choudhury. Year after year, as MastishK and Arbit will gain popularity, Arbit’s B’Day will be celebrated on 5th September (Teacher’s Day) to boost the efforts put into MastishK.

Hope you have enZoyed this journey thro' the Making of Arbit Choudhury ! ! !

keep smiling and have fun . . .

. . . shoOOonya . . .

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