Thursday, May 26, 2022

What's Your Everest?

Back in 2020 (pre-pandemic months), during our annual supply chain conference at Landmark Group, I got the opportunity to hear the keynote by Venkatesh Maheshwari wherein at some point, he asked a poignant question "What's Your Everest?" (By the way, Venky has scaled Mt. Everest and he is a brilliant keynote speaker - I aspire to inspire like he does)

The annual conference concluded but the question remained with me. I kept asking myself that question over the course of weeks and months ... and coming up with multiple answers which included some goals that I had put on back-burner as well as some new goals that the ambitious me was cooking up. 

And then COVID happened. Very hectic few months working from home with work load shooting up. But the question kept coming up again and again ... with new and varied interesting answers that I was cooking up. 

And then one fine day, my job got Covid (sounds hilarious and tragic at the same time) and that those answers became suddenly very very relevant and real. 

What's Your Everest became the question I asked myself to determine what I was going to do next. Becoming a Life Coach was one of those 'put on backburner back in 2016' plans that rose to the top of the list.

I did get another job so I couldn't start working on it immediately but 6 months down the line, I got out of that job and pursued my 'Everest'.

For 6 months, I did not take up another full time job and instead focussed on my certification. Formally got certified and spent a lot of time linking my 20 years work and life experience to the formal life coaching approach I was learning. 

And while I was at it, I kept asking myself every now and then ... "What's Your NEXT Everest?" 

I would readily recommend you (who came reading thus far into this post) to ask Yourself "What's My Everest?" 

Don't just ask ... ruminate over it and answer the damn question. Over and over, again and again. Define it, Refine it. And keep asking yourself. 

And when you have found your Everest ... start planning to scale it. Help is always available around you and all you need to do is ask. 

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Sunday, November 21, 2021

Happy New Year ! (Really?)

You think this is out of place at this time of the year? We are still 40 days away from the new year (2022).

Well, 1st Jan is when pretty much the whole world celebrates the New Year.

In addition, based on the individual religious belief and following, people also celebrate their other 'new year' – the Hindu new year, the Islamic new year and so on.

AND then there is a very personal New Year that everyone has. Their BIRTHDAY 😊

The birthday marks the start of another year of our life. A day we celebrate. A day we can use to look back at our past year and plan for the coming year.

Yesterday was my New Year (the Birthday kind) and I wished 'a Happy New Year' to a small group of people who began their transformation journey with me. I kicked off my new coaching batch and it's a start of something incredible for them (as well as me).

To each one out there, we are 40 days away from 2022.

What are your plans for 2022?  
Have you 'planned' what your goals are?
What will you be working on next year?
What will you achieve next year?
What is that you want to change during the coming year?

Is 2022 going to be just another year of your life or is it going to be THE YEAR when You took charge of your life and gave it a new direction or put pace into your achievement of goals and dreams?

40 days … plenty of time to plan the next 365!

#newyear #takecharge #coaching #planning # #transformation 

Thursday, October 28, 2021



Today, a colleague of mine mentioned the CARNOUSTIE EFFECT - something I have never heard before. 

And immediately, I could relate it to so many different occasions in my own life, both professional and personal. 

I am surprised this is not a common board-room terminology, thrown around by consultants and CXOs / senior management all year round to explain what was going on (before throwing up their hands in despair). 

If you have heard about this for the first time .. let me introduce you to the very interesting and pretty much universal phenomenon! 


... is a term arising after the 1999 Open Golf Championship at Carnoustie, Scotland, when the world's greatest players, many of whom were reared on manicured and relatively windless courses, failed to play to theoretical par for the distance and were frustrated by the unexpected difficulties of the Carnoustie links compounded by the weather.

Even the winner finished six strokes over par. Complaints about the difficulty of the ancient Carnoustie course, which is played over every day by local residents, were loudest from the most fancied professionals. Their frustration inspired the phrase. 

The Carnoustie effect is defined as "that degree of mental and psychic shock experienced on collision with reality by those whose expectations are founded on false assumptions." 

This being a psychological term, it can be applied to any undertaking which goes wrong when unsuspected difficulties are encountered. The term has been used of military operations which have gone awry after being started in expectation of easy victory, as well as to money lost on stock markets when gains had been anticipated.

Think about it. WE go through life based on our assumptions and more often than not, the assumptions are not just wrong but they are false. When we face reality, we are surprised, we are shocked, we are disappointed, we feel cheated, we feel defeated. The emotional and mental toll is huge. The way we react to that surprise pretty much defines the strength of our motivation to go forward and face the situation. 

As they say, life is not what happens to us; it is how we react to what happens to us. Life is about how we face life. 

Life is about how strongly we can ignore the Carnoustie effect. How strongly you can overcome it. 
And ultimately how can you avoid it entirely !! 

The Carnoustie effect - "that degree of mental and psychic shock experienced on collision with reality by those whose expectations are founded on false assumptions."

I must say, I love the use of the words 'psychic shock' and 'collision with reality' in the definition !! Quite colourful and visually charged definition :) 

Your thoughts ??? 

Friday, July 02, 2021

Half Done

Halo Halo ... We are Half Done !!
The "half-empty half-full glass" visual is a common sight and kicks off a conversation that I don't want to get into today ... 🙂
half of 2021 is gone and the other half is before us. As they say, TODAY is the first day of the Rest of your Life.
Well, lets focus on 2021 for now.
2020 was a wierd weird wired year. (yes, I deliberately put 3 of them in there)
At the end of 2020, most of us had high hopes from 2021 and even made some lofty resolutions / goals for 2021 - challenging ourselves to achieve them and make the best of the year after the pandemic. 2020 gave us many revelations on personal and home front ... and we were determined to make changes in our lives in line with those revelations.
With 2021 half gone, its time to do a quick but exhaustive audit of where we are versus where we were supposed to be in the context of what we aimed for. (It like appraisal .. but its only you, and you gotta be honest)
The half year audit is important. In fact, its critical.
It tells you how much have you achieved so that you know if you are on track or need to speed up or maybe even need course correction. Some goals may have evolved and some may have become redundant. Some may have been ignored or completely forgotten. Time to check all of them and plan for corrective action within the next one week.
Your goals should be REAL to you and not a distant dream or a night-time dream .. or worse, a figment of conversation with friends. Time to prioritize them.
Would love to hear from you in the comments below - do share your audit findings or observations or advice to fellow auditors 🙂
And if, during the audit, you feel the goals have been largely ignored or not achieved and that you might need help with it ... , feel free to reach out. I will be happy to connect for a quick 30 min chat on your half yearly audit and how we can make your goals work.
- Coach Hemant Jain, The Unblock Coach - I help working professionals unblock themselves to go higher and further in life and work.

Saturday, October 24, 2020

VSS 033 – The Lottery

VSS 033 – The Lottery


It was a whim that he had purchased the lottery ticket. More influenced by the salesgirl rather than by his faith in luck.

And yet, with the ticket in hand, he would dream of all the riches and things he could do with them.

He made castles in the air and set up his dream world.

Result day shocked him when he won the lottery of 10 Million

Wearing the all new crisp shirt, he caught a cab to the lottery office.

Next day headlines – Drunken driven plunges cab in the river in broad daylight. No survivors.




Life is not just unpredictable but also cruel in its way and twists in the tale. It surprises and shocks us in the most unexpected ways and leaves us speechless and breathless … sometimes, quite literally.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Book Blitz - In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe (Millionaire Foe Quartet # 2) by Aarti V Raman



She Hates Him But She’s In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe 

Releasing on 25th October

About the Book:

When the songbird owes the business tycoon...

Former gangster, Devansh Thackeray has finally managed to carve the life he’s always aspired to.
Building a chain of seven-star hotels all over the world, a reputation for being an honest businessman...and all the women he could ask for.
Ansh’s life is perfect. Or so he thinks.
Because he is about to hit by a lightning bolt from the past that’ll make him question everything he’s worked so hard for.
And her name is Kahini Palekar.
Kahini’s life is a nightmare.
She works three jobs to pay off the loan sharks circling her.
But, Kahini doesn’t mind because she also gets to do the only thing she’s always wanted to do.
Even if it is at a shady nightclub in the backstreets of Goa, the beach paradise of India. 
Kahini’s day of reckoning arrives when Ansh arrives back in her life, right when she’s almost assaulted by the manager of the nightclub.
Ansh offers both salvation from her debt and a chance to sing at the most exclusive wedding of the decade.
But there’s just one catch.
Kahini hates Ansh’s living guts and blames him for the destruction of her life.
Even though he was the boy she once recklessly gave her heart to.
Can Ansh get to the bottom of the problems plaguing Kahini or will this songbird fly away again after repaying her debt to him? 
Meet the Millionaire Foes - rising from ruin through ruthless ambition, these self-made tycoons have everything. Except, the heart of the one woman who means everything.

The Millionaire Foe Quartet series contains four steamy romances set around the world, each of which can be read as a standalone. 

Read an Excerpt from In Debt To Her Millionaire Foe (Millionaire Foe Quartet # 2)

Ansh entered the bar when the lights had dimmed, already in a foul mood from the altercation he’d had outside Grungy’s.
The term “bar” was a loose translation for what the seedy confines really were. It was set in a shady part of Calangute Beach, where the locals lived. It was not the area the posh, firang tourists frequented. The air here smelled of brine and fish and cheap liquor.
The smell of the ocean was everywhere.
It was, after all, Goa the beach paradise of India.
And to everyone who came here, it promised nothing but a good time.
The patrons of Grungy’s, the small-time bar that operated till four in the morning during season, had that look about them. They were local men, embittered and looking for cheap thrills. And some willing victim to provide that for them.
Ansh knew the type. They resented the tourists for showing up and flinging their foreign currency around and expecting their silly demands of room temperature water and late-night cruises to be catered to.
And they really resented needing the silly tourists and their foreign currency too.
A classic catch-22.
But, tonight, these patrons, and that was a loose term too for what the customers of Grungy’s were, were not looking for foreign currency or cheap thrills.
They were all gathered on the rickety tables that the bar owner had graciously provided and murmuring amongst themselves while the poorly-named stage was being set up.
She was the main act tonight.
Ansh frowned and sank deeper into his chair while the bar-back set him up with a glass of the local feni – a local toddy made from fermented coconut water and rum. He frowned deeper when he saw the lipstick mark around the edge of the shot glass and gingerly cleaned the lip with his monogrammed handkerchief.
Places like these reminded Devansh Thackeray of his squalid past.
He couldn’t stand them anymore.
Then, the spotlight hit the stage. The band struck a chord and a woman in black walked up to the mike.
Ansh sat up straighter.
Was she going to start stripping or something? He hadn’t heard the best things about these places on the wharf and this one didn’t have a stellar reputation either.
And, what the hell was she doing here anyway?
He’d sent her plenty of funds seven years ago, deposited in the account her brother had set up for both of them when he had turned eighteen.
Kahini had enough money to keep her in style, because he’d instructed the company’s bankers to always replenish the funds in that account should the need ever arise. The need had never risen, to the best of his knowledge. Even though he knew the money would never bring back her dead brother.
So, was she doing this for kicks?
Some poor little rich kid slumming it thing that all the society madams were doing these days?
He honestly had no idea. And that ate at his insides, like the strength of the feni he’d gingerly taken a sip out of.
Ansh had come here to find out what the hell she’d been up to the last seven years. Since the last time he’d seen her and she’d flung bitter, accusing words at him.

About the Author:

Hi, I’m Aarti V Raman aka Writer Gal. I have been a former journalist, editor, and even a sometime-teacher before I plunged into my dream job. That of being a full-time writer.
In fact, my three favorite words are ‘happily ever after.’
This comes in handy as I primarily write bestselling contemporary romantic women’s fiction, which is all about living happily, after going through some hard times.
My more notable works include the Geeks of Caltech and Royals of Stellangård series, Something Old, Something New, More Than You Want, and The Perfect Fake among others. My chicklit family drama, The Worst Daughter Ever, has been picked up for screen adaptation.
I always love to hang with you, my dear reader friend. I’ve created Writer Gal’s Reader Pals on Facebook for this reason and I hope to see you there.
If not, I’m there on all social media as @aartivraman but I’m most active on Instagram

Thursday, August 27, 2020

VSS 032 – You are never too old to learn

She was 50. She had staunchly kept away from computers and smartphones.

She did not need them in personal life. People at work understood her limitations and helped her around. She did not need the computer even for her work.

And then COVID struck the world and she realized that as a primary school Teacher, she had to connect to the Internet via a computer to connect to 'her kids'.

She scaled the steep learning curve and got over her technology inhibitions.

She is now beaming at her kids on the laptop. You are never too old to learn.   






Teachers across the world had to re-skill themselves to meet the challenge of online schooling. A large population amongst the teacher were the not-so-young and they were not tech-savvy either. For them, the challenge was massive. Not only did they meet the challenge and got up to speech with tech, most of them have gone above and beyond to bring in the same level of warmth and ingenuity to the screen that they brought to the classroom.

Hats off to all the teachers, young and old, for dealing with the COVID catastrophe without giving up on the kids. For meeting the challenge head on and coming out on top. For being patient with kids and now, being super patient with the kids parents too, who can be more troublesome than the kids.

Note - VSS are Very Short Stories of less than 100 words. My attempt at writing 😊 

Saturday, August 15, 2020

Book Blitz - Itsy Bitsy Spyder (The Spyders #0.5) by Apeksha Rao


~ Book Blitz ~
Itsy Bitsy Spyder (The Spyders #0.5) by Apeksha Rao
Young Adult / Espionage
15th to 17th August

About the Book:
What do you do when your mother feels that you don’t trust her?
If you’re Samira Joshi, and your mother is an elite spy who works for RAW, the first thing you do is … hide the knives.
After that, you go straight to the therapist that she has chosen.
For, when your mother knows seventeen different ways to kill a man, you don’t argue with her. Much.
Unless she’s trying to destroy your dreams.
Then, you fight dirty. Like a spy.
Samira is sweet, sassy, and almost seventeen. She dreams of becoming a badass spy like her parents.
And, why not?
That’s exactly what her parents have trained her to be.
So, why is her mother suddenly acting like a typical Indian mom and pushing her to be a doctor?
Samira can swear on her stack of covert operative manuals that it has something to with her mother’s last mission.
Her therapist disagrees. She feels the key to the mystery lies in Samira’s childhood.
Between her mother’s drama, a trouble-making grandmother, and a confused therapist, Samira’s life is spinning out of control.
What’s a good spy to do when her dreams are in danger?

Book Link:
Goodreads * Amazon

Read an Excerpt from Itsy Bitsy Spyder

The cold war between our family and Seema Kaku’s began with gunshots at her son’s thread ceremony.
I was attending the ceremony under duress, without even the comfort of a good book.
“Oh no, missy! The last time you carried a book to Sarita Maushi’s daughter’s wedding, you became the laughing stock of the whole clan,” scolded Ma.
You’re caught curled up with a book under a table, once, and you never hear the end of it.
I was sitting at a table with my older cousins, listening to them boasting about the boys they had kissed.
Eww, I thought.
When they glared at me, I realised that I had said that out loud.
“Why are you here, Sam? Go and play,” one of them ordered as if I were six years old, instead of twelve.
I sighed and moved to another table, at the other end of the room.
After an hour of sitting by myself, I just wanted to go home, but my mother wanted me to socialise. And, when your mother knows seventeen different ways to kill a man with her bare hands, you don’t argue with her. Much.
When I heard gunshots, I was happy about some excitement, finally. Until I realised that someone was using my Baba for target practice.
Thankfully, Baba had amazing reflexes and managed to duck under a table.
As luck would have it, for the first time ever, my parents were stuck without any weapons.
I had never ever known them to be unarmed. Baba always carried his .9mm Glock, even when he went vegetable shopping. As for Ma, she was an expert at carrying an arsenal on her person.
This was the woman who had turned up at her own wedding armed to the teeth, with knives strapped to her shins under her Banarasi silk sari, and a small country revolver holstered to her thigh.
Don’t worry. I wasn’t born then. I only know what Baba let drop on one of their wedding anniversaries. This was his idea of a toast to his awesome wife. But, from Ma’s fierce glare, I was sure his toast had put him in the doghouse.
On that fateful day, Aaji had put a complete and non-negotiable ban on weapons at the function.
She made Ma empty out her purse before we left, and when Ma’s tiny Swiss mini-gun fell out, Aaji had yelled at her.
“Calm down, Aai. It's fake. It’s just a keychain, see,” said Ma, showing her the keys attached to it.
In response, Aaji picked the gun up and pointed it at the floor near Ma’s foot, and when Ma stared at her with a blank face, she placed a finger on the trigger.
I reacted by diving under the dining table.
“For heaven’s sake, Samira!” Ma said, with total disgust.
I knew she’d been trying to bluff Aaji, but I also knew exactly how much damage that tiny gun could do. It was not a fake. So, she could growl at me all she wanted. I wasn’t taking any risks, thank you very much.
“Can we at least pretend to be a normal family? What is wrong with you people? Who carries guns to a family function? Ranjit, lift up your kurta right now,” ordered Aaji.
Baba sheepishly pulled up his kurta to reveal the Glock he’d holstered to his thigh over his churidar.
“Children, please don’t embarrass our family name. Keep all your James Bond hijinks to yourselves, and let’s just have a nice day with our extended family,” begged Aaji, with a tired sigh.
As she stared in horror at the masked assassin who was pointing a gun at her only son, I was sure Aaji was regretting her decision. If Baba had his gun, he could have dispatched the guy within seconds.
But my parents were not elite spies for nothing.
Everyone in the hall had hit the floor the minute bullets started spraying from the assassin’s Uzi.
Baba grabbed a couple of empty trays from a waiter who was hiding under the next table and using them as shields, he ducked behind tables and advanced on the assassin.
Meanwhile, Ma crept up from behind the guy, silently. His attention was on Baba, so he didn’t notice Ma crouched on the floor right behind him.
She reached up and pulled out the hairpin holding her French twist in place. It was a Trojan hairpin, with an extendable stiletto blade that Ma pulled out and stabbed into the guy’s foot. So much for Aaji’s ban on weapons.
When the assassin screamed and bent to grab his foot, Baba hit him on the head with a tray and Ma turned his own Uzi on him.
They hustled him out of the hall, and people slowly started getting up off the floor.
When my eyes landed on Seema Kaku who was helping her poor son out from under the priest - oh yeah, when she heard gunshots, Kaku totally pulled the priest over to cover her precious son - I saw her furious face, and I should have realised right then, that we would never hear the end of this.

About the Author:
Apeksha Rao is a multi genre author from Bangalore.

She is the author of Along Came A Spyder, which is the story of a seventeen year old girl who wants to be spy.

Apeksha has written many short stories based on the same series, The Spyders, which are available on this blog.
She is a voracious reader, and a foodie.

Apeksha's current works in progress: A middle grade book, a chick lit featuring a detective, and a horror novel (the writing of which is giving her sleepless nights).

Apeksha on the Web:

Monday, August 10, 2020

VSS 031 - Everything is planned. Not quite.


VSS 031 - Everything is planned. Not quite.


He had it all planned out. Everything was set. Life was a breeze.

With a job paying millions in salary and a hefty bonus, he had already bought a house, fancy cars and travelled to a couple of countries on vacation – pretty much all of it on bank loans with installments spanning several years.

Married to a gorgeous homemaker and with an adorable set of twins, life was a dream.

Everything was planned. Everything was in control. Everything was happy.

And then COVID-19 hit the world and he lost his job.

That was one thing he hadn’t planned for.





I started writing VSS (Very Short Story – less than 100 words stories) in 2017 and had a good run of writing 30 of them. Restarting it now in 2020. Lets see how long can I sustain these.

The story above is a direct reflection on what COVID-19 has meant for millions out there. All their plans got tossed out of the window by a microscopic invisible virus that wrecked havoc across the world. And no, it does not reflect my life and situation. 

I lost my job and my dad within the same month. While I did find another job immediately (must say, I was lucky) but the loss of my guiding light and biggest support is irreversible. Over 735K have already lost their lives (that’s over half a million families impacted directly). My prayers for them. May the invisible force of faith give you strength.