Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Better late than never ... Alibaug Trip Photos and more

I made a 2 day trip to Alibaug in mid June ... Blogged about it in early September ... and now finally uploaded the pics of the trip in late October
I even uploaded pictures of my Metro ride and Ibn Batuta Mall visits during Diwali
All albums in my Picasa account ...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Double Scoop Icecream

Yesterday I was sooo bored that I changed my gtalk status message to "Hemantkumar: is bored !  Cant work , cant write, cant blog, cant think ! Complete Blank ! Bored !"

A good friend of mine saw that and sent this friendly piece of advice to me :

Don't get Bored, I will give u WORK

Watch Out

- Wake Up Sid    - If only                 - You have got mail         - Little Manhattan

Take a stroll to archies galary & pick up the cards u wud like to 1 or 2

Pamper urself

Then go n have a FEAST - eat what u feel like eating most

and then buy some Garbara bunch of yellow -pink-orange & white

keep it in a vase if u dont have that dont give me an excuse and put it in a water bottle

and then take ur laptop Blog on this exercise

 and come back to office tomorrow and change this STATUS message


Well … here is how my evening actually turned out … nothing too dramatic like the above suggestions but nevertheless enjoyable …

On the way back from office ... I first picked up a Methi Paratha for Dinner ... Also picked up a pocket radio so that someday I could enjoy the Dubai Radio outside of taxi's too J

Then throwing my diet plan out of the window .. i went to Baskin Robbins and asked for a single Scoop ... Once the lady there loaded the tiny cone with a large scoop, I got greedy and asked  her to load another large scoop … I had selected  2 different flavours of chocolate … and with this HUGE Double Scoop Ice cream on a tiny Cone .. I stepped out of Baskin Robbins

And the journey from the outlet to my hotel was one truly remarkable one J  

I was eating the ice cream like a KID :P literally !!

The double chocolate scoop in the small cone was melting all over my hand … Dubai is not HOT anymore but its still warm at 30-34 degree centigrade. And the best part was that when I tried to lick the dripping lower scoop..  the ice cream from the upper scoop touched my nose :) and all this while I was walking on the footpath with people around watching at me and my face with ice cream on my nose :) Kids watching me with glee and mother's and girls giving me amused looks.

hahahahahaha ... it was FUN !!

 Finally made it to Hotel ... saw TV and serial (CSI Las Vegas) for some time .. had my Methi with Spring Onion Paratha dinner... and then finally the movie "Wake Up Sid" !!!

Well … .. i did not do all of what my friend asked me to do but tried to do some of it atleast ... and thoroughly enjoyed it !!


So thank You to my dear friend Jigyasa for inspiring me to do some strange enjoyable stuff (like ditching my diet plan although the scales are about to touch 84 kg)  
P.S. I also changed my status message : Two new albums uploaded :) My recent Dubai MEtro ride and Ibn Batuta Mall visits during Diwali -

WAKE UP SID - not a movie review ...

I saw "Wake up Sid" yesterday … Nice Movie.

Konkana was as usual superb and Ranbir was not bad at all. The character of Sid by Ranbir… well played!

Some of the (very small) things about the movie set of some memory sparks in my head J

College – The shooting of Sid's college took place in HR College which has KC College as its neighbor, the place where I studied during my 2 years of junior college. Those few shots of the path between HR & KC (the steps over which the friends jump during the song and where Sid walks away after the results) made me nostalgic ... thinking about college days. Some of the best days of my life ..when I met my best friends.

Office - The office of Anupam Kher (Sid's Father) was in Boston House in Andheri J That was where my Satyam office was from 2005 to 2008. We were the first occupants of the office structure after it was constructed in 2005. For almost a year, we enjoyed near monopoly of the elevators before the other tenants moved in. A small luxury we had was that we never had to tell the elevator operator where we had to go. We were the only office goers in that building and all of us for 5th floor where Satyam office was located. J
About the movie ...well ...

Wake Up Sid was one of those rare Bollywood movies where "I Love You" was said not only just once but it was actually the last dialogue of the movie. Another first would be that 'I love You too' was said before 'I love You'.

It was refreshing to see an Honest Friendship being shown in a Bollywood movie which practically believes in 'ek ladka-ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte' (A guy and a gal can never be just friends) … although they eventually do fall in love J. But during the entire course of the movie, they are really good true friends. Staying together, helping out each other, looking out for each other, being there for each other, without the complications of love or a physical relationship which is deemed so obvious in a guy-gal relationship staying together.

Also, the friendship of the Sid trio in college was also well played out going through its highs and lows.

Overall a nice movie !!


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Mahabharat (Movie that never got made)

A forward ... putting it on my blog for some future amusing reading for myself :)
Team comprising of a Writer, a Producer, a Director, etc applied to the Government of India with a Script to produce a Movie on Mahabarath. They received reply to their application after 14 months.

All of them committed suicide later and the reason is very obvious as you may see from the following letter received by them.

Subject: Mahabharata

The Writer, Film Director & Film Producer,

Ref: Film story submitted by you, regarding financing of films by
Government of India, Your letter dt. ............ ......... .

The undersigned is directed to refer the above letter and state that
the Government has examined your proposal for financing a film called
''Mahabharat'. The Very High Level Committee constituted for this
purpose has been in consultation with the Human Rights Commission,
National Commission for Women and Labour Commission, in addition to
various Ministries and State Governments and have formed definitive
opinions about the script. Their observations are as below:

1. In the script submitted by you it is shown that there were two sets of cousins, namely, the Kauravas, numbering one hundred, and the Pandavas, numbering five. The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has pointed out that these numbers are high, well above the norm prescribed for families by them. It is brought to your kind attention that when the Government is spending huge amounts for promoting family planning, this will send wrong signals to the public. Therefore, it is recommended that there may be only three Kauravas and one Pandava.

2. The Ministry of Parliamentary Affairs has raised an issue whether it is suitable to depict kings and emperors in this democratic age. Therefore, it is suggested that the Kauravas may be depicted as Honourable Members of Parliament (Lok Sabha) and the Pandava may be depicted as Honourable Member of Parliament (Rajya Sabha). The ending of the film shows the victory of the said Pandavas over the said Kauravas. The ending may be suitably modified so that neither of the Honourable Members of Parliament are shown as being inferior to the

3. The Ministry of Science and Technology has observed that the manner of birth of Kauravas is suggestive of human cloning, a technology banned in India. This may be changed to normal birth.

4. The National Commission for Women has objected that the father of Pandavas, one Sri Pandu, is depicted as bigamous, and also there is only one wife for the Pandavas in common. Therefore suitable changes may be made in the said script so that the said Sri Pandu is not depicted as bigamous. However, with the reduction in number of Pandavas as suggested above, the issue of polyandry can be addressed without further trouble.

5. The Commission for the Physically Challenged has observed that the portrayal of the visually impaired character 'Dhritharastra' is derogatory.. Therefore the said character may not be shown as visually impaired.

6. The Department of Women and Child Development have highlighted that the public disrobing of one female character called 'Draupadi' is objectionable and derogatory to women in general. Further the Home Ministry anticipates that depiction of such scenes may create law and order problem and at the same time invite strong protests from the different women forums. Such scenes may also invite penal action under SITA (Suppression of Immoral Traffic Act), therefore they may be avoided and deleted from the film.

7. It is felt that showing the Pandava and the Kauravas as gamblers will be anti-social and counter productive as it might encourage gambling. Therefore, the said Pandava and Kauravas may be shown to have engaged in horse racing. (Hon. Supreme Court has held horse racing not to be gambling)

8. The Pandavas are shown as working in the King Virat's employment without receiving any salary. According to the Human Rights Commission, this amounts to bonded labour and may attract provisions of The Bonded Labour System (Abolition) Act, 1976. This may be corrected at once.

9. In the ensuing war, one character by name Sri Abhimanyu has been shown as fighting. The National Labour Commission has observed that, war being a hazardous industry, and the said character being 16 years old, this depiction will be construed as a case of child labour. Also there is no record of his being paid any compensation. This may also be deemed to be violatory of the provisions of The Child Labour (Prohibition and Regulation) Act, 1986 and Minimum Wages Act, 1948. Such references in the film may be removed.

10. The character 'Sri Krishna' has been depicted as wearing a peacock feather. The peacock is our National Bird and wearing dresses made from peacock feather is an offence under the Wild Life Protection Act, 1972. This may not be depicted

11. Smt Maneka Gandhi has raised very serious objection for using any elephants or horses in war scenes, since there is every scope for mistreatment and injury to the said animals. The provisions of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1890 and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Amendment) Act, 1960 would be applicable in the instant case. Suitable changes may be made in the script to address the objections raised.

12. In pursuance of the Memorandum of Ministry of Finance regarding austerity measures, it is informed that in the battle field sequences, only ten soldiers may be allowed for each side. Also, all the characters may be shown to have obtained a valid licence under the Arms Act, 1959 as well as the Indian Arms Act, 1878.

You are therefore requested to modify the script along the lines indicated above and resubmit it to the undersigned at the earliest for reconsideration.

Sd/- Under Secretary