Tuesday, October 27, 2009

WAKE UP SID - not a movie review ...

I saw "Wake up Sid" yesterday … Nice Movie.

Konkana was as usual superb and Ranbir was not bad at all. The character of Sid by Ranbir… well played!

Some of the (very small) things about the movie set of some memory sparks in my head J

College – The shooting of Sid's college took place in HR College which has KC College as its neighbor, the place where I studied during my 2 years of junior college. Those few shots of the path between HR & KC (the steps over which the friends jump during the song and where Sid walks away after the results) made me nostalgic ... thinking about college days. Some of the best days of my life ..when I met my best friends.

Office - The office of Anupam Kher (Sid's Father) was in Boston House in Andheri J That was where my Satyam office was from 2005 to 2008. We were the first occupants of the office structure after it was constructed in 2005. For almost a year, we enjoyed near monopoly of the elevators before the other tenants moved in. A small luxury we had was that we never had to tell the elevator operator where we had to go. We were the only office goers in that building and all of us for 5th floor where Satyam office was located. J
About the movie ...well ...

Wake Up Sid was one of those rare Bollywood movies where "I Love You" was said not only just once but it was actually the last dialogue of the movie. Another first would be that 'I love You too' was said before 'I love You'.

It was refreshing to see an Honest Friendship being shown in a Bollywood movie which practically believes in 'ek ladka-ladki kabhi dost nahin ho sakte' (A guy and a gal can never be just friends) … although they eventually do fall in love J. But during the entire course of the movie, they are really good true friends. Staying together, helping out each other, looking out for each other, being there for each other, without the complications of love or a physical relationship which is deemed so obvious in a guy-gal relationship staying together.

Also, the friendship of the Sid trio in college was also well played out going through its highs and lows.

Overall a nice movie !!


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