Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Double Scoop Icecream

Yesterday I was sooo bored that I changed my gtalk status message to "Hemantkumar: is bored !  Cant work , cant write, cant blog, cant think ! Complete Blank ! Bored !"

A good friend of mine saw that and sent this friendly piece of advice to me :

Don't get Bored, I will give u WORK

Watch Out

- Wake Up Sid    - If only                 - You have got mail         - Little Manhattan

Take a stroll to archies galary & pick up the cards u wud like to 1 or 2

Pamper urself

Then go n have a FEAST - eat what u feel like eating most

and then buy some Garbara bunch of yellow -pink-orange & white

keep it in a vase if u dont have that dont give me an excuse and put it in a water bottle

and then take ur laptop Blog on this exercise

 and come back to office tomorrow and change this STATUS message


Well … here is how my evening actually turned out … nothing too dramatic like the above suggestions but nevertheless enjoyable …

On the way back from office ... I first picked up a Methi Paratha for Dinner ... Also picked up a pocket radio so that someday I could enjoy the Dubai Radio outside of taxi's too J

Then throwing my diet plan out of the window .. i went to Baskin Robbins and asked for a single Scoop ... Once the lady there loaded the tiny cone with a large scoop, I got greedy and asked  her to load another large scoop … I had selected  2 different flavours of chocolate … and with this HUGE Double Scoop Ice cream on a tiny Cone .. I stepped out of Baskin Robbins

And the journey from the outlet to my hotel was one truly remarkable one J  

I was eating the ice cream like a KID :P literally !!

The double chocolate scoop in the small cone was melting all over my hand … Dubai is not HOT anymore but its still warm at 30-34 degree centigrade. And the best part was that when I tried to lick the dripping lower scoop..  the ice cream from the upper scoop touched my nose :) and all this while I was walking on the footpath with people around watching at me and my face with ice cream on my nose :) Kids watching me with glee and mother's and girls giving me amused looks.

hahahahahaha ... it was FUN !!

 Finally made it to Hotel ... saw TV and serial (CSI Las Vegas) for some time .. had my Methi with Spring Onion Paratha dinner... and then finally the movie "Wake Up Sid" !!!

Well … .. i did not do all of what my friend asked me to do but tried to do some of it atleast ... and thoroughly enjoyed it !!


So thank You to my dear friend Jigyasa for inspiring me to do some strange enjoyable stuff (like ditching my diet plan although the scales are about to touch 84 kg)  
P.S. I also changed my status message : Two new albums uploaded :) My recent Dubai MEtro ride and Ibn Batuta Mall visits during Diwali -

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