Sunday, May 31, 2009


I have personally come to hate the media over the past couple of years ... lets say the past decade ...
News is not reported ... Its SENSATIONALIZED ....
serious news takes a back seat and sensationizable news take the drivers seat ....
there have been so many incidents of small incidents being blown out of proportion while the more important and greater issues are left untouched or shoved under the carpet since they dont raise any eyebrows now ... (and no body cares to make that happen too) 
The brutal attacks and murder on Indian Students  abroad is a case in point ... i was about to write about my thoughts when i chanced upon another blog post which almost entirely matched my thought. So rather than re-inventing the wheel here for that post by Gaurav Sabnis ...
There have been several such instances where i feel the media has over-played their role ... rather than reporting ... they have sensationalized and hyped up certain aspects of the news item ... which distorts the real picture ...
News today represents an extremely bleak picture of the Human race ... any alien race catching the signal of the news channels might just decide to wipe us out of existence in an instant rather than allow us to give each other a slow death ... spiritually, mentally and physically (Pollution is a slow poison too)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here to stay ...

I ...

I never did ...

I never saw them ..

I only read about them ...

They sort of never existed for me ...

It had been a loooooong time since i saw them

Then one day ... in the presence of the warmth of a friend ... they appeared

and disappeared for a long time again ....  thanks to my friend ...

They came back last year ... and seem to have never left me ...

they keep revisiting me every now and then ...

just when i feel they have gone for good ...

Thhump ... Thud .. bang ...

they are back ...

to stay ...

What is this .. a poem .. a random expression fo thoughts ... is there any form or name for such a piece fo expression ????

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Wish I could fly ...

Wish I could fly,

I would rush out in the open and roam

Wish I could fly,

I would instantly take-off and go home

Wish I could fly,

I would reach out to those who need me

Wish I could fly.

I would fly to my friends when need be

Wish I could fly,

Away from life that hurts … I would escape

Wish I could fly,

At times ... I would disappear from the life's landscape

Wish I could fly …

P.S. This is my first attempt at writing a poem in the past 15-20 years. Took about 5 minutes to pen it down.
I wrote two poems when I was in school. Had written a birthday wish poem J and another one titled 'ulta pulta' ... :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Complexities on a rise ...

I wrote about my little problem a few days ago ..
The training schedule got major revisions as soon as it reached the half way mark … and the whole of the other half got re-organized .. practically all the invites had to be modified and resent … afternoon training duration 4 hours got stretched to 6 hours to accomodate the cancellations and and some 8 hours trainings got compressed into 6 hours for lack of time … all this because certain other activities were introduced which added a number of constraints ..

It's a nightmare at times … and my ears are on high alert on anything remotely connected event and talk or discussion which can impact my training schedule.

More than 100 training sessions with a total participant count of 750+ spanning 3 companies and 2 departments and their various constraints on trainers, trainees and laptops and classrooms … and add to that the uncertainity of the end-date of those exrta activities which have come up (which means i dont know when will they free up my trainers, laptops and training rooms)

These days i am continuously canceling, postponing and rescheduling sessions on a daily basis ... we don't even have a clear visibility beyond 24 hours ... 
Last week ... i was continuously moving the training schedule by one day every day. The end date of training is simply moving forward and I have no clue how it will all be done in time!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Angry Words and 'I am feeling Stupid'

We often don't realize how much words can hurt ... especially the words spoken when one is angry. There is no thought applied to the words. The only thought applied is probably that of hurting the other person to the maximum possible extent which is probably again a protective measure so that the other person cannot hurt you back.

Words said in anger can be extremely piercing drilling a thousand holes in the heart of the person who is subject to your wrath. Things said in a fit of anger have the potential to break relationships completely ... or cause irreparable damage ... Things said in a fit of rage not only hurt the other person but also have the potential to scare the other person so much that it can have an everlasting (negative) impact on the relationship which can be pretty difficult to bridge / plug.

Some relationships do survive such incidents, not because the words of anger did not cause that much damage. No. The damage is very much there. In fact, if the words in anger come out from a person extremely close to your heart, they can literally rip u apart and completely destroy you. Some relationships survive such incidents only because they are way too strong and both parties can forgive (and try to forget) the incident. Both need each other's relationship / friendship and both understand that the words said in a fit of rage are not really a reflection fo the feelings of the person in anger.

I have been through some such incidents. Very recently, with two of my best friends

One incident happened in January and I have not heard from my friend ever since. I dare not contact my friend coz the words that were spoken that day have not only hurt me but scared me completely. I am scared even to talk to my friend. I am not sure if I will ever get to talk to this friend of mine and even when I do get to talk .. will i be able to talk ?

Another such incident happened today. I did something that upset my friend and then an angry email exchange took place. Now I am on wait mode here too. I am scared again, not scared to talk to her but scared that I might lose my best friend. I dare not make an attempt to talk to my friend now cos i might just cause the flames of anger to rise more. I will wait and hope that after the anger has subsided somewhat my friend will talk to me.

Of course, by no means is the blame of the above phenomenon lies on the angry person only. Both parties are to be blamed to different extents. First for causing such a situation where one gets angry, then not being matured enough to understand that angry words should be best ignored (although that is humanly impossible I guess) and finally realizing that relationships are far more important than a few angry words or small bad incidents in life.

So here I am ... feeling absolutely lonely … intermediately chatting with a good friend of mine. But still …feeling extremely lonely. The absence (temporary/permanent) of my best friends feels like a huge gaping hole in my heart. The fact that I am being misunderstood by the one who know me the most is pretty painful. The thought that I might lose them is way to scary to express in words.

I am sad. I am hurt. I am scared.
And I am feeling extremely stupid.
For I am also to be blamed for the situation I am in.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

The extraordinary Job

Here is how a lady described her Job …. "I have a continuing program of research, in the laboratory and in the field. I'm working for my Masters and already have two credits. Of course, the job is one of the most demanding in the humanities, and I often work 14 hours a day, (24 is more like it). But the job is more challenging than most run-of-the-mill careers and the rewards are more of a satisfaction rather than just money."


Want to read more about the job and its Job title and allied roles  … catch it here.


I first read a similar story about 9 years back. I thought about this quite a few times in the past but never came across it again. 

Today Shraddha (my best friend) forwarded the above link to me and it was nice reading it again after such a long passage of time. 

It is a gem of a piece and should be shared. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

Email – Communication Disruption!

First … the context - I am part of an SAP implementation project which is going to Go-Live on 1st June. With the deadline approaching and loads of work to do, we all are working round the clock to meet our targets. The client team is working about 60-70 hours a week and our team is pushing up to 80-100 hours week. These timings became effective from the beginning of this month and will continue till the go-live and maybe a few days beyond it.

2 weeks after this regime of continuous work and pressure, the stress has become visibly (and audibly) evident. Voices have become louder and are generally filled with a bit of impatience and irritation. There have been several occasions when voices have gone up and there have been some small one-to-one clashes (verbal only and not lasting more than a few minutes).

The event which triggered this post - an email was sent stating a few facts, perceptions and questions. All mixed and not clearly demarcated. The receiver of the mails did not like the tone / language etc of the mail and got pissed off to various degrees. The issue was escalated to other concerned team members and project manager and director. A meeting was called and things discussed. Heated exchanges, fired tempers, clarifications etc etc etc. Meeting was over. So called 'solution' was reached.

My commentary now (finally) – At the end of the meeting, some action item was decided and was completed within a reasonable time. What I was wondering is … the issue was never resolved. B'coz there was NONE.

Who was at fault for the whole 'issue'?

Practically speaking – No One !

Really speaking – The sender of the email as well as receiver.

There is always some email etiquette one should follow about keeping the mails clear and concise and not mix different things etc. I feel those were not clearly followed in the email. The email was not vague but mixed up a few things resulting in the mess. BUT in the real world scenario …can we really be so careful. Can we go through the mental checklist every time we send an email? Its simply NOT practical! And in times of stress and high work load, it becomes all the more difficult.

Which is where I feel everyone needs to understand the 'limitation' of the email as a communication media. One should remember that email cannot convey your tone, mood and general intention of the conversation or message. The interpretation of the text in the email is highly dependent on the receiver and his mental state. The state in which all my team members are these days, any misplaced word or skipped courtesy can make an email seem to be rude or accusing.

In the case above, the sender of the email could have simply picked up the phone or simply walked up to our seat and talked to the receivers of the email about the things on his mind and cleared up the matter. No flaring up, no lost time in meeting, no lost time in cooling off after the heated meeting etc.

That's the other thing I wanted to say … don't make email the most preferred media of communication. The face-to-face meeting or an email is far better. In these times, when physical distances are often great and the email is good and economical media to communicate; I still advice to meet face to face or talk on phone if possible rather than shoot a mail which can be interpreted in different ways.

It was interesting for me. Although I was one of the parties involved, I was more of silent during all this exchange. I could see that practically speaking it was no one's fault but the situation was still stressed out. Some could hold their cool an some could not. Stress was the issue and not the email.  

So ... the next time you want to communicate something and you are writing an email. Think before you leap ... I mean ... send !

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother !

Why mother is so special ?

When I came home in the rain,

Brother asked why didn't you take an umbrella.

Sister advised, Why didn't you wait till rain stopped.

Father angrily warned, only after getting cold, you will realize.

But Mother, while drying my hair, said, stupid rain! Couldn't it wait, till my child came home?

That's MOM

(This was a forward ... liked it so much that i couldnt help putting it on the blog)
In the past 6 years ... I have spent most of the time away from home, away from the country
The significant part of talk with mom revolves around my health .. so giving her a 'report' on what i am eating and how much i am sleeping and how my health is most important to her
These days also .. my diet program initially worried her ... when i told her about the results .. she was very very worried ... thinking i was not eating enough .. starving my way to weight reduction ...
i had to explain her my entire diet program in detail ... explainign that i was actually eating MORE ....
there are so many instances where one suddenly realises that "this can only be done by Mom ... My Mom" ...
She is indeed the most wonderful person in the world ...

Monday, May 11, 2009

Breaching the 80 Kg Barrier (on the way down)

Friends ... I did it !!
I finally crossed the 80 Kg barrier last week … no no .. not on the way up but on the way down :)

I measured my weight on Friday and the weighing scale proudly showed 79.6 KG …. Down from about 84-85 Kg just over a month and a half ago.

Its nothing short of an achievement for me. I have lost weight for the first time in my life. The last month was a very disciplined attempt at going on a balanced diet and control over desires of consuming cheesy, chocolaty and fattening stuff :D

I feel good.

Now a bit of a spoiler … My office timings for this month are practically 13 hours a day with 6 working day weeks .. i practically have 80 Hour weeks for the entire month of May … which has put my schedule into frenzy and the gym visits seem to be very very difficult.  This month I have visited the gym only on weekend .. only Friday !
I am trying to stick on to the diet but cooking everyday is also not possible since I reach home at about 9 or 10 PM and have to be in office again in the morning at 7.30 AM. This means I am having more of outside food and hence the consumption of 'controlled substances' (potato, rice, cheese, white bread, pizzas, chocolates etc in my case :) is unavoidable.

I am sure the southward movement of my weight will slow down but I am not complaining. I never wanted to go in for a 'F1 speed' reduction of weight. I am fine with a steady reduction of 1 or 2 kg per month. If I manage to go down to 70 KG even in a years time and then hold my weight around that point. I will be a happy (and healthy) man :D

And in all this, my best friend Shraddha is my biggest inspiration and guide  … 'my fitness trainer and consultant ' J giving me sound advice from Mumbai while I lose excess baggage in Dubai !
Another thing i realise is that I have been able to stick to my controlled diet partly cos i am in Dubai away from home. At home, my diet is not in my hands. My wonderful mom will prepare a typically delicious marwari meal which is pretty much high on oil, ghee, spices etc. and there is a "slim" chance of a diet control. So i can lose while i am in Dubai ... will begin to gain once i am back home in Mumbai !

Thursday, May 07, 2009

No Cutbacks ... inspite opf Swine Flu !

I wrote about "No cutbacks in love and advertising" in relation to the recessionary times we are going through ...

here is a picture that depicts 'no cutbacks in love' in the swine-flu times ... :)