Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Complexities on a rise ...

I wrote about my little problem a few days ago ..
The training schedule got major revisions as soon as it reached the half way mark … and the whole of the other half got re-organized .. practically all the invites had to be modified and resent … afternoon training duration 4 hours got stretched to 6 hours to accomodate the cancellations and and some 8 hours trainings got compressed into 6 hours for lack of time … all this because certain other activities were introduced which added a number of constraints ..

It's a nightmare at times … and my ears are on high alert on anything remotely connected event and talk or discussion which can impact my training schedule.

More than 100 training sessions with a total participant count of 750+ spanning 3 companies and 2 departments and their various constraints on trainers, trainees and laptops and classrooms … and add to that the uncertainity of the end-date of those exrta activities which have come up (which means i dont know when will they free up my trainers, laptops and training rooms)

These days i am continuously canceling, postponing and rescheduling sessions on a daily basis ... we don't even have a clear visibility beyond 24 hours ... 
Last week ... i was continuously moving the training schedule by one day every day. The end date of training is simply moving forward and I have no clue how it will all be done in time!

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