Monday, May 11, 2009

Breaching the 80 Kg Barrier (on the way down)

Friends ... I did it !!
I finally crossed the 80 Kg barrier last week … no no .. not on the way up but on the way down :)

I measured my weight on Friday and the weighing scale proudly showed 79.6 KG …. Down from about 84-85 Kg just over a month and a half ago.

Its nothing short of an achievement for me. I have lost weight for the first time in my life. The last month was a very disciplined attempt at going on a balanced diet and control over desires of consuming cheesy, chocolaty and fattening stuff :D

I feel good.

Now a bit of a spoiler … My office timings for this month are practically 13 hours a day with 6 working day weeks .. i practically have 80 Hour weeks for the entire month of May … which has put my schedule into frenzy and the gym visits seem to be very very difficult.  This month I have visited the gym only on weekend .. only Friday !
I am trying to stick on to the diet but cooking everyday is also not possible since I reach home at about 9 or 10 PM and have to be in office again in the morning at 7.30 AM. This means I am having more of outside food and hence the consumption of 'controlled substances' (potato, rice, cheese, white bread, pizzas, chocolates etc in my case :) is unavoidable.

I am sure the southward movement of my weight will slow down but I am not complaining. I never wanted to go in for a 'F1 speed' reduction of weight. I am fine with a steady reduction of 1 or 2 kg per month. If I manage to go down to 70 KG even in a years time and then hold my weight around that point. I will be a happy (and healthy) man :D

And in all this, my best friend Shraddha is my biggest inspiration and guide  … 'my fitness trainer and consultant ' J giving me sound advice from Mumbai while I lose excess baggage in Dubai !
Another thing i realise is that I have been able to stick to my controlled diet partly cos i am in Dubai away from home. At home, my diet is not in my hands. My wonderful mom will prepare a typically delicious marwari meal which is pretty much high on oil, ghee, spices etc. and there is a "slim" chance of a diet control. So i can lose while i am in Dubai ... will begin to gain once i am back home in Mumbai !

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