Monday, July 20, 2009

Bombay & Lord of War

Well, if you haven't noticed it yet, both are movies.

Bombay is a Mani Ratnam directed Indian movie with music by A R Rehman, released in 1995.

Lord of War is a Andrew Niccol directed, Nicholas Cage starrer Hollywood Movie, released in 2005.


I saw the movie 'Lord of War' a few days ago and was surprised to hear A R Rehman's music in it. A small piece of music titled the "Bombay Theme Tune" from the movie Bombay was used in a sequence in Lord of War where Nicholas cage sits watching an airplane being dismantled by villagers.


I always loved the music of the movie Bombay and it was nice to hear it after a long time.
The song "Humma Humma" , my all time favourite, still rocks me and evokes a thousand memories of my junior college days.

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