Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Post No. 202 :)

After I made the previous post on some Hollywood movies, I had a look at my side-bar archives section and was wondering when I would cross my 200th post. A quick count revealed that I had just missed the 200th Post.

And with that realization, the pang of NOT making a "this is my 200th post" post hit me for a few milliseconds. A few milliseconds got added to that when I realized that even the 100th post had happened without me realising it.

Well … not to be outdone by fate and my nearly non-existent memory .... here it is.

This is my 202nd blogpost on this blog :D

That's it ! Thats my milestone marking blog post ! A marker in time in the virtual reality we live in.

And talking of virtual reality ... you should check this comic out here

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