Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Missing Mumbai ! Missing Home !

Today it rained heavily in Mumbai …

There was water logging everywhere across the city and even the Trains were slow and late and at some point in time they even stopped for some time …

I had called home in the morning and asked Dad to send some courier and then called again to check hoping he had NOT left home in these rains. Luckily he had not stepped out J he was home the whole day.

I would have loved to be in Mumbai today.

Would not have gone to office and would have spent the day with parents with mom ke haath ke banaye hue garma-garam bhajiyas, pakoras and a Marwari delicacy called 'gheria'

Would have loved to go out in the rains and get wet.

Would have loved to go out and see the Andheri subway submerged in water (its hardly 100 meters from my home and always in news during heavy rains).

Would have loved to see the dark gray skies from the open window of my bedroom and the lashing rain with reduced visibility

But here I am … in Dubai ..where its hot and humid …

I don't want to be here L

I want to be Home. I want to be in Mumbai.

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