Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Some Movies ...

I recently saw two movies on TV ... "The Game" and "The Paycheck"

It was nice to see the movies 'again'. I had seen them first during my NITIE days (2003-2005)

I had loved them then … I love them now. Both are simply fantastic.

I also realised that the game was an inspiration for Bluffmaster and the Paycheck inspired the future viewing technology invention of Krishh :)

These also reminded me of the movie "The Phonebooth" … yet another striking movie I had liked.

Also, I saw a trailer for a movie on TV yesterday ... named "Derailed" ... While I saw the trailer / teaser; i remembered the Imran Hashmi starrer "Train" and realised that Train was most probably a frame to frame copy of Derailed...

And while I am on the subject of movies .. let me tell you that while on my last India visit, i saw the movie "Angels and Demons"

I had read all 4 of Dan Brown novels a couple of years and don't really have a great memory; but could still find some important things missing from the movie. Disappointing.

I think it is always going to be like that. I read a book and when I see a movie based on that book, i get disappointed.

Be it Harry Potter Series or Bourne Series or now the Dan Brown Series of 'Da Vinci Code' and 'Angels and Demons' ... although movies are getting good and better at capturing and recreating the vividness of the almost magical and authentic scene & background ... they thoroughly miss out on the part of the writing that is going on in someone's head. The thoughts and the feelings, the inner turmoil (Bourne series) and the wonder (Harry Potter) ...

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