Thursday, July 30, 2009

Muting out ParleG and escaping the Jungle !!

Since i dont get 'Colors' and since i dont really enjoy 'Star Plus', i end up watching 'Sony' here in my Dubai Hotel where the choice between Indian channels is pretty narrow.
(Another reason i watch so much of NDTV 24X7 so much these days, no choice at all there :) ... and I dont regret it. hardly any other news channel which impresses me.
So, while random channel surfing, i chance upon the latest reality show of Sony "Iss Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao" and i was watching it with 'some' interest when suddenly something happened!
I heard something (instead of something) and was shocked, surprised and amused (in that order)
In a particular scene ... the word ParleG was muted with a beep; the treatment which is usually reserved for all kinds of abusive words uttered in the reality shows (giving it the sort of essence of reality)!
Was ParleG considered an abusive word or is simply the marketing and sponsorship department censoring the content off the reality show. I think it is the latter

Will the reality show remain 'real' if such kind of 'stupid' censorship is done?

Already there is a lot written and talked about the 'scripting' of the reality show. Wont such acts further strengthen the perception?

Is someone from 'Is Jungle se Mujhe bachao' team listening.

I did not like the beeping out of the word ParleG in a harmless statement which was an expression of a person's feeling rather than any advertising propaganda. By beeping out the word, the impact and essence of the sentence was lost. (You should have just edited the scene out - cut cut snip snip)
More importantly the innocence of the character in that moment was lost (which is probably something the program doesn't mind since innocence doesn't sell, sex, abusive language and controversy does!
So much for the reality of the reality shows !
Addendum: This was a several days ago. the day before yesterday in one of the Jungle Challenges, the 'celebrity' was literally bathed in awful stuff like maggots, stomack content of the crocodile, chicken shit (potty) ... (there was more to come but the celebrity could not go any further) ... YUCkieee ... AND Yesterday another contestant was supposed to 'earn dinners' by eating (chewing, swallowing) 'ice lollies' with cockraches, ants, earthworms etc etc in them. .. YUCK !!!!!
Well ... The program just lost a viewer ! I just cant watch it.
I am vegetarian.
And as far as the 'checken shit' and 'croc's insides' are concerned - Well .. I am human.


  1. what about star world? HBO?

  2. I get Star World but not HBO. Star Movies is there sometimes and at other times, it disaapears :(

    I am left to the mercy fo the Hotel connection !!

  3. It seems PArle is indeed one of the sponsors of the program. The celebrities were given PArle 'Hide n Seek' in the Treasure Chest in one of teh episoded i saw.

    I am sure they wouldnt handout a 'brand', show it in their program and even have it mentioned by their celebreties for free. Surely it is sponsored.

    So why then was ParleG muted out ???