Friday, July 31, 2009

Terror Tourism / Political Tourism / Slum Tourism

A few years ago when the novel as well as the movie Da Vinci Code became a hit ... a lot of 'Da Vinci Code' Tours spiralled out taking the tourists through all the places which are mentioned in the book.
There is also another kind of Tourism which has seen a rise in the past decade ... the rise of Terrorism across teh globle.
Places and Sites targettted by Terror Attacks by Terrorists have become Tourist Spots ...
Whether it is the World Trade Center (9/11) or is it the Taj Hotel of Mumbai (Nov 26 or we denote it in India .. our 26/11) or is it any of the other countless 'bombed/terrorist hit' locations across the world ... all of them are are becoming Tourist Spots where people visiting the city come and see the landmark which was hit.
Guides provide a vivid description of what happened and how they were witness to the horrors of the event (whether they were present or not is another story) ...
It even get better ... with "Political Tourism" – the recent visit by Hillary Clinton to India and staying at the Taj in Mumbai as a case in point. It was 'symbolic' they say. Similarly .. symbolically, Diplomatic visitors to US visit the WTC too.
And yesterday night on CNN; they were talking about SLUM Tourism ... Tourists visiting the HUGE slums of Kenya and India (specificially, Dharavi in Mumbai) to see the 'life on the unde-side' (a mild reference to the life of people below the poverty line).
 We humans are a strange lot ..


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