Thursday, July 23, 2009

When Exams are Near ! A Poem !

When exams are near, I tremble with fear.
Whatever I learn, I leave it in rear.
Math which frightens me most,
Hovers upon me like a Ghost!
Trigo is the worst of all,
B'cos it fries me hot like a toast !
Science the next.
Is like a pest !
Physics, Bio, Chemistry,
Are the toughest !
Physics of lenses and projectile motion,
Needs a lot of confusion calculations !
Producing Static friction in our brains,
With the organic compounds being the biggest strain !
Biology has Botany with Algae and Plants,
Along with Zoology with Dissection if Ants,
Circulation, Respiration, Ingestion, Digestion,
Leaving the students with Constipation !
Languages next in the row,
Nothing in them is difficult so.
Textbooks thirsting for our touch,
B'cos about them, we don't worry much !
Electronics with their confusing Circuits,
Technologies like Integrated Chips and Biscuits !
Computer Hardware and Software,
Giving our head a nice wear and tear !
So when Exams are near …
I tremble with a  terrible Fear !!
This was the poem I wrote when i was in Junior College (actually .. first year of college) ... somewhere in 2004-2005
Luckily, I had taken Electronics as a vocational subject so I did not have to study Hindi and Biology (I hated Bio like anything) !

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