Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Diet Plan part 2

After a successful diet month of April in which I almost lost about a kilo a week (I blogged about it here), here I am thinking about doing it once again. May and June were diet holidays, first on account of Project timings and pressure and then on account of my Mumbai (Home) visit where dieting was out of question since I was looking forward to the home cooked delicacies made by Mom.

So July month will again be a diet month for me. If I am not wrong, I am somewhere around 80+ KG in weight right now. Target is to reduce at least 3-4 KG in the coming 6 weeks. The dieting this time around will not be as strict as April wherein I had practically 'banned' a few items off my consumption, like white breads, chocolates, ice creams, pizza etc.  

This time around there will be a good enough control on the intake of these 'restricted' items but no complete ban. Hence the conservative targets

In fact, if all goes well, I will take a diet holiday in second half of august and then try my hand at GM Diet in September before my India trip.

So that's my diet schedule for the coming quarter.

Plans Plans Plans ... Lets see how they shape up (or should i say, how "I" shape up )

And since today is the last day of June and July starts tomorrow, this means I have to prepare salad and cook tonight since outside food will be reduced to minimum in coming 6 weeks.

All the Best to Me :D  

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