Monday, June 01, 2009

Lifetime Achievement Award

Today I completed 4 Years in Satyam ... officially !!
I got associated with Satyam earlier than my official joining date for my Winter Internship of about 3.5 months ...
So I have completed more than 4.24 years or 1560 days in Satyam ...
I wondering.... If I stay in here for another year ... someone might even give me a 'life time achivement award' :D
Past 4 years ... Satyam has taken me to Swiss, Malaysis and now Dubai. Bangalore too :)
The first 2 years were good. very good. I learnt a lot from Muralidharan (my immedieate boss - Org Change Mgmt Head) and Milind Joshi and Sushil Rathi (Practice Heads of Process Consulting Practice). I would love to work with them again as and when the opportunity comes.
The last two years at Satyam were not so good. I have not been exactly satisfied. Infact a lot of rfrustration has been building up.
I am ready for a change. Provided some decently good opportunity comes by.
I got an opportunity to join IBM last year in Dec but the offer was not good enough.
I did not find it attractive and they did not budge. Infact i was told that if i am not able to join in Dec 2008 and would join only in 2009, they would have to revise the salary since I would be missing the appraisal cycle opf 2009. In January when I asked them for the revised Offer, they refused to do that too. So ultimately it didnt work out.
Post Jan-7th revvelation by Raju and the storm labeled as the 'Satyam Scam' ... a lot of my friends and colleagues told me that probably refusing IBM was a mistake. But, I was never convinced of that argument. First, I did not have any additional problems because of Raju. I got the salary on time and barring a few weeks financial hiccups, everything was being planned and carefully taken care of. There were some inconveniences, nut no major problems. Second, I still feel, IBM should have given me a better offer or at least been true to their own words. They went back on their own words and that was something i was not comfortable with (even post Jan-7)
So here I am ... in Satyam .. on a project in Dubai ... as a Org. Change Management Consultant . . . . Dunno for how long
often wondering ... Will someone really end up giving me a Life Time Achievement Award for 5 years in Satyam !!
Interesting !!

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