Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Poet in me ...

A few days ago I made a blog post with a poem here. I wrote in there that was my first attempt at a poem after a very loooong period of time. I had written 2 short poems in school ... well, I wasn't exactly correct there as my memory failed me once again there.


A few days while going through the loads of pages and junk I keep in my room, I discovered a singular A4 size printed sheet which had my school days English poem (Birthday Wishes)  printed on it. I also found another poem on it and as I read the title and the first stanza, it hit me that I had written this one in my college days.


So my poetry tally goes up to 4

Two in school days, one in early college days and one which I wrote recently

I am too lazy to type so u might have to wait for a few posts to read the poems from my past :D


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