Friday, December 31, 2010

The year that went by … and changed everything !!

2010 proved to be a year full of changes for me.
Life changing changes … Marriage in May
Change of Company … From Mahindra Satyam to Fujitsu Consulting … in August
Change of Role … From a Consultant to a Lead … where I am leading the Business Transformation / Change Mgmt Competency and even got the role of a Manager.
Change of location ... Back to Dubai in November after spending almost exactly 11 months in Mumbai…

2010 was a year of reading … lots of reading. I completed 46 books (includes 8 very short stories by Matthew Reilly, counted as 1 book) during the year. I plan to continue my reading spree in 2011 although I might restrict to select authors and more of short stories rather than 300-500 page novels unless something really exciting and unputdownable comes my way :)
Saw quite a few movies in the theatre. I saw 28 in total, including the last movie of the year which I saw in Dubai. Guess the score might drop in 2011 ... since every movie outing is quite an expense in Dubai (60-80 AED minimum which is almost 750 to 1000 Rs).   
Had quite a lot of fun too
Had a lot more happy moments than sad ones

It was a very good year after 2 consecutive disastrous years of 2008 and 2009
God only knows how 2012 will shape up for me … hope it is a good one !

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