Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Free Wifi at International Airport

I got the pleasure of being at CSIA 10 days ago (while coming to Dubai)
Don't be surprised .. I m just being sarcastic .. ... .
I was pleasantly surprised to see the banner announcing free wi-fi at the Mumbai International airport (CSIA). I had a book to read but with the laptop I could send a mail out to home and friends that I am flying, change my Gtalk status etc.  

So I pulled out my laptop and began top search for the wi-fi connection. I hit connect and it connected. So far so good

I tried to open Gmail and encountered a welcome page of CSIA asking me to go through a registration process which was also OK. I began the process … only to realize at the end that they wanted me to send an SMS top a particular number with a special code generated by the registration process.

This is where I had to stop.

I was carrying a mobile phone but it was without my India SIM card. I was travelling to Dubai for long term and hence the sim card would be useless to me. Instead, keeping it at home means that it is functional and my Mom can take any calls that come for me.
I have used the same number for past 7 years and I don't want it to be in non-reachable state for long term simply b'cos I am not in India. My mom responds to the caller and asks him/her top get in touch with me over email.

So that is where my free wi-fi dream ended. On a sim-less mobile phone

And I don't understand why they have created a process wherein a Mobile phone is needed to access the internet on the laptop. So ridiculous

I am sure there are many like me who will be without Indian SIM cards while travelling international. Also there will be international travelers passing through / transiting who will not be able to use the free wi-fi simply because some smart Alec decided to put the mobile phone in between the laptop and free wi-fi connectivity.  
I had a better experience at Dubai Airport where I could acsess wifi diurectly wiuthopiut the need for any complex registration process ...

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