Thursday, December 23, 2010

Movies I saw in November …

1. Golmaal 3


Delivered as promised. This one was again a riot of colors and laughter. And of course, not to forget the numerous cars exploding on the screen. Don't even think about the story line etc. Ignore it and enjoy the movie minute by minute.

I have written about the Golmaal brand of movies earlier and it would be mere repetition top say anything more here.


2. Action Replay


This one was an interesting one. I won't say I liked it. I won't say I hated it.

It sure reminded me of the movie 'Back to the Future' where the 'hero' has to unite his father and mother after he accidentally becomes the reason they may never meet / marry. Bcoz his mother is developing a crush for 'him'. Action Replay seems to have lifted a similar concept but bollywood'ized it.

The movie was colorful. And Akshay was showing off the styles and dressing sense of the 70's/80's …BUT what about Aishwarya. She looked very much from the 21st century. In fact, co-actor Neha Dhupia carried off the 70's look pretty well but Aish seemed a sore thumb … a misfit in the 70's backdrop. Someone forgot to inform her dress/costume designer about the retro look of the movie.  

Both movies seen in India ... Nothing seen in Dubai/Sharjah in November

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