Saturday, December 04, 2010

Was she Shobhana ??

I saw the South Indian Shobhana today … and the fun is she even refused to acknowledge.

It seems she was staying in the same hotel as mine and the same floor as mine. I was going out for dinner and I saw a lady with a huge bag at the elevator. I held the door for her so that she and 2 of her companion's could get in with their luggage. The elevator door closed and that's when I saw the face of the lady. It seemed very familiar and IU remarked "You look like an actress"

What I heard then surprised me. She remarked pointing to the other girl accompanying her, "Really. Does this other girl also look like an actress?" in an almost rude tone. I just shook my head and did not say anything.

A gentleman as I am, I held the door again for them as they got out of the elevator with their luggage. Overtook them on the way to the hotel reception and looked back at her.

She was definitely Shobhana. At least I am sure of it.

I have seen a few of her movies and always found her very beautiful and a talented actress. Now, I will never be able to see her in the same way again. I will now forever be negatively biased.

She just lost a fan today. And his respect for her too.

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