Friday, December 03, 2010

Flying around …

For the past 5 years I have been flying international destinations for projects.
I have made about 17 international trips (Switzerland - 4, Malaysia - 6, Thailand - 1, UAE - 6) and have gone through the immigration counters in India about 35 times in past 5 years. One comoplete passport of 36 pages got exhausted ...
Phew … now that I think about it … that's quite a lot of time spent in the air over international waters.  
This also led me to wonder about the time I have spent in India and outside in past 5 years ever since my first trip to Switzerland.
So here is a run-down of exactly that …
2006-2007            Geneva/Switzerland           14 Months
2007                       India                                  07 Months
2007-2008            KL/Malaysia                        06 Months
2008                       India                                  08 Months
2008-2009            Dubai/UAE                          14 Months
2010                       India                                  11 Months  
2010-2011            Dubai/UAE                          Let us see …      
Do you some trend here … :)   The graph though looks pretty neat, cute and almost like a sine wave :)

Summarizing it as 34+ months outside and 26+ months inside India!
And to add to it, I am back outside again for a long term project with duration of 25 months.

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  1. The curve epitomizes the saying "roller coaster ride" :-)

    BTW, u can include your Bangalore assignment in this list. That too was an "onsite" assignment I guess.