Friday, December 10, 2010

Movies I saw in October ...

This one was a must see. A Rajani movie released in Hindi is definately a must see. I had even seen the non-Hindi version of 'Sivaji - the Boss' before the TV channels started telecasting the hindi dubbed version.
ROBOT is a technologically superior movie (as compared to any other bollywood/Tollywood movie ever made). It was also an interesting movie to watch. Entertainer.
The final climax sequence of 100'sof Rajani's on screen was definately a delight for the hard core Rajani fans who saw him in double-role throughout the movie and had 100's of him on screen in the climax. Some one said "It doesn's get bigger / better than this" 
Khichadi - The Movie
I had seen a few episodes of Khichdi on TV a long time back and it seemed like a light comedy. Senseless but still it seemed better than all the idiotic K-serials and red-saree clad jewellery-decked scheming women on the screen. It was a welcome relief from all the cry-babies all over the idiot box.
The movie was pretty much the same. the same theme and level of humour. Not a bad watch but definately not something u had to go all the way to the theatres to see. Watching it at home would have been equally enjoyable. albeit more enjoyable with the whole family around.
I wanted my parents to go and see this movie, but Diwali festival means 'Operation Cleanup' not only at home but also at office. Dad was busy with shop cleaning, stock taking etc over the weekend and Mom was busy with house cleaning and also cooking the various festive delicacies. They did not go and going by the kind of movieis, it won't remain for long in the theatres.

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