Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Movie I saw in December …


Yeah Yeah … only one movie this month

In fact, this will be the first movie in Dubai after coming here this year. Saw this one at the Sahara Mall which is actually in Sharjah … actually on the Sharjah side of Dubai-Sharjah border … about 10 minutes walking distance from my hotel which is in Dubai :)

I actually wanted to catch Band Baaja Baarat but it was no longer screening at this theatre and going to other theatre to catch it was inconvenient. So ended up wasting my money on TMK.

Tees Maar Khan

A good one but a disappointment nevertheless

I was disappointed because I had pretty high expectations from Farah Khan. Om Shanti Om (OSO) and Main Hoon Na (MHN) were far better creations from Farah Khan. The amount of planning and creative brainstorming which must have gone into creating those movies was pretty much visible. TMK seemed like it was completed in haste with tight deadlines.

The humor quotient was low. You just cant leave the humor to Akshay. We have seen his disasters like Chandni Chowk to China. The script needs to take care of the humor.

We did see the glimpses of Farah Khan works in the songs with their usual flamboyance and the riot of blue, yellow and red colors splashed across the screen in the form of costumes, wall paints and even lighting. The Farah Khan touch is also seen in the end-of-movie credits where she brings each and every contributor of the movie on screen … something I really appreciate and like about Farah Khan.

The songs weren't impressive. None of them really stuck in my mind. Let us leave out 'Sheila ki jawaani' and the title track one liner and we have nothing to talk about or remember. OSO and MHN had far superior sount tracks which have lived on through the time and you can humm the numbers even today.

The Farah Khan direction was not visible through the movie. The movie lacked the Farah touch of creativity and sheer ingenuity. OSO and MHN both had many many things to remember and wonder about. TMK failed to give me much.

There was a lot of screaming and shouting though, in the movie. Often quite unnecessary.

Saw it on Christmas Day.

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