Monday, December 06, 2010

My Shortest international Trip


Just a few days I wrote about my international trips and the counter went up again. I travelled to Muscat, Oman and came back on 3rd Dec.

One more international trip and 2 immigration stamps get added to the tally.

And yes, I should mention here that this trip was My Shortest international Trip till date.  

The sector was Sharjah (UAE) - Muscat (Oman) - Sharjah (UAE)

6.00 - take off from Sharjah

8.08 - landing at Sharjah

So in a matter of 2 hours … I completed an entire trip :) (Considering the air-travel)

I left my hotel in Dubai around 3.30 PM and went to Sharjah Airport … and by 9:00 PM I was back in the hotel.
The whole journey was like a whirlwind. I was carrying my laptop and a book to read. At Sharjah airport, the wait was long since I reached pretty much in advance. Funny thing was that there was a Mumbai bound plane at the same gate from where my Muscat bound plane was t take-off.  Every time they announced for people to board the plane, I felt like doing it.  I felt even more home-sick. During this wait at the Sharjah airport; and I even worked on Arbit a bit.

The actual journey was short … about 45 minutes only. Its almost like it began and it ended. Once in Muscat; I got out of the plane and headed towards the gate for boarding my return flight. I reached there to see that they had begun to board the same. There was a long queue so I had a few moments top spare.

I sat down, pulled out my laptop and my falafel sandwich. Worked the last but of Arbit strip in those few minutes and saved the final comic strip. Finished the sandwich and the strip and boarded the flight.

It was the same flight that I came by and even the staff was same. It was like I never got down from the plane; only changed seats. A colleague of mine even got the same seat :)

What a journey … My Shortest international Trip till date

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