Saturday, November 14, 2009

My Experiment with GM Diet – The Preparation (Part 2 of 10)

The GM Diet is not an easy one to execute. Not only one need to be restrictive in what one is eating but accordingly one has to prepare and stock up in advance. A person like me who is living alone, away from home has a refrigerator which has pretty limited items based on the very limited cooking abilities. So stocking up the refrigerator for the week long ordeal was the first task.

So I went through the entire GM Diet plan (vegetarian version of course) and prepared a detailed list of things I would need for the week. For this reason, I decided to stock up during the weekend and start the diet on the first working day of the week and finish off in the next weekend.

The list was pretty long and impressive too: lots of tomatoes, cucumber & carrots, a nice large cabbage, potatoes (only 2), one lauki/dhoodhi, about 8-10 bananas, musk melon, watermelon, apples, sweet lime, lemon, packaged coconut water, peach and tomato juice pack and Milk. For the first time, my refrigerator was completely stocked up. Sadly my camera went into a state of coma a few days ago or else that would have been the first pic of my GM Diet series. Sadly No pictures for this experience.

It is going to be important to prepare each night for the next day so that I had enough of the right things to consume. The lazy bum that I am, its not going to be easy for me :P Infact, I feel that the biggest obstacle for me is going to be my lazyness J  

And yes, how can I forget the challenge of the mandatory 12 glasses if water every day and a slightly increased mandate for last 2 days. Sitting in an air-conditioned office gulping down so much water is never easy especially when the washroom/loo is a long walk away :P

So here I am … at the brink of beginning the GM Diet !

Wish me luck … the forthcoming posts will talk about my day-to-day experience with GM DIET

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