Sunday, November 22, 2009

My Experiment with GM Diet – Epilogue (Part 10 of 10)

 Weight check … I began the diet with 82.9 Kg and ended up with 78.9 Kg. Accounting for the variable weight of the various external elements like clothes, shoes, mobile, change in the pocket and money in the purse J, the GM diet enabled me to lose approx. 3.5 to 4 KG. So I can conclude that the diet experiment was pretty successful.

Diet Discounts ... it was fun to take them but maybe not taking them would have resulted in greater weight loss by at least a kg or two – I had taken diet discounts in the form of chocolate bites, dry fruit sweets, tea with milk and sugar, salt and spices etc.

Learning Curve … Also, now I feel packaged coconut drink was not a good idea. I was probably supposed to have fresh coconut milk/drink and fresh juice. Also, I read somewhere that Rice is a not an effective substitute for beef in the veggie version and it reduces the extent of weight loss.

Work-Out - Yet another key thing was that I did not visit the gym even once during the diet week. I am sure a regular 30 min treadmill walk might have helped further reduce some weight.

Repeat performance – someday maybe ... I am not keen on crash dieting but if there is a need to reduce weight by a couple of kilos in short time, I might reconsider GM Diet but I am more inclined to get into a regular diet-check program and continues gradual slow weight loss with the help of regular visits to the gym.

GM diet is essentially for Body Detox and flushing the system ... i might repeat it for that value .. maybe once in 6 months or so !!

A common problem I had to face during the entire period was not more because of the diet plan but because of the Office Air-conditioning coupled with the mandatory 12 glass of water intake. Suddenly with the advent of winter the office AC has set our office space temperature to 20 degrees and we don't even have a window to our work space which could let some sunshine and its heat into the space. This low temperature coupled with the increased intake of water (12 glasses a day) posed a unique situation for me. I was forced to leave my desk every 60-90 minutes and make a short visit to the loo. *sigh*

I would call it "GM diet ke side effects" J

<Close of the 10 part series> *phew*

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