Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Experiment with GM Diet – Day 3 - The day of fruits and vegetables! (Part 5 of 10)

having only fruits on day 1 and only vegetables on day 2 .. i felt a day of both combined would be better. Atleast, no monotony.
Started the day with a carrot at 7 am. Packed my lunch box with salads and fruits (apples and pears).
I had to come to office for a conference call which eventually did not happen for me since I was unable to connect and log-in into the web conference portal. :(

Unlike yesterday, i had a proper tea today although with very less milk. GM Diet recommends only Black Tea or Coffee and no milk consumption allowed. So this became my Second Diet Discount !!

Day was fine with the salads and fruits consumption. I was not really bored of them.

Late afternoon I attended a meeting with Senior Management members of the organization (including CIO & CFO etc). Nice cookies were served at each seat and during the course of the presentation; I nicely and quite absent mindedly munched on a couple of them. I relaised what i had done only at the end of the sessions when i saw the half empty plate in front of me. That became a Violation of the Diet (cant call it a diet discount since I consumed it absent mindedly and wouldn't have taken such a discount – goes to prove my seriousness about the diet program)

Evening went home and had a Pear and an Apple. Late Evening boiled the Lauki (dudhi or bottle gourd) and fine chopped a tomato. Mixed them up and sprinkled some salt and chili powder for taste. 
Day ends with the relazation (and relief) that no preparation to be done for tomorrow. It's the Banana and Milk Day.
Also the realization that I was going to have a banana after a looooong time. Looking forward to it.

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