Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Experiment with GM Diet – Day 5 - The day of Rice and Tomatoes! (Part 7 of 10)

Day began with some rice which I prepared early morning. I packed my lunch box with the tomatoes and the rice and the soup for the day. I had prepared the soup on previous night itself. cant do eveything in the morning.

I had the 2 chopped tomatoes at about 10.30 in office …

Lunch was the time when I had Rice along with the Soup. It was not exactly tasty but definitely better than having the plain rice alone.

I guess the difficult part of GM Diet is that u get 'taste deprived'. Eating plain rice is very difficult for the simple lack of taste.

Late Afternoon I had the two chopped tomatoes again.

As mentioned earlier, plain rice is hardly consumable so while returning home in the evening, I picked up some Fried Rice from the super market. I guess this will qualify as a diet disount of the day (fried food).

Had a little of the fried rice in the evening and the remaining in the night for dinner. It was indeed tasty J

BTW … I weighed myself yesterday and found that I was 2 KG lighter J I guess had I not taken the 'diet discounts' I might have been an additional kilo lighter. 

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