Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Experiment with GM Diet – Day 6 & 7 - The day of Rice and vegetables! (Part 8 of 10)

Weekend time  !!
Woke up only at 11 AM on both days :P

Day 6

At 12 Noon, I had some salad of chopped carrot, cucumber and tomato !

About 3.30 PM came the lunch … Rice with peas, corn, cabbage and tomato !! Kinda fried rice or Pulav.
This was practically the first time i had tried experimenting with making Pulav ... I made a call home and asked Mom how to go about it. She guided me and the result was not bad at all :)

Nimboo paani in the evening at about 6 pm before going out for grocery to stock up again for the last day of the diet and the few days left before my Mumbai trip to home.

Late evening, I had the dinner of the Pulav I made in the afternoon. It was kinda nice. Now one more thing gets added to the (short) list of things I can cook :P

Since its weekend, no preparations for tomorrow to be made in advance.

Day 7 –

Woke up at 11 AM again ... and last day of the diet !!

Started the day with the two tomatoes and then lazed around watching TV and thinking :P

Later in the afternoon, I decided to repeat my Pulav experiment again J Not bad at all. Followed by coconut drink.

Evening was the time for water with lemon and a cucumber .. nice … I had skipped the cucumber yesterday (by mistake that is).

Last item of the day and of the entire diet was a salad made of carrot, cucumber, cabbage, corn and some olive oil.

It feels good to be on the last day of the diet. I was very apprehensive about this whole GM diet. I wasn't sure I would last through the whole 7 days. It seemed difficult and there were times when I did feel like quitting. But then I had promised my friend to do it and I couldn't have broken that. So I just took a few diet discounts and managed to sail through it.

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