Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Experiment with GM Diet – Day 4 - The day of Bananas and Milk! (Part 6 of 10)

One Litre Low Fat Milk and about 9 bananas - ready for the day.
Began the day with a singular Banana and a glass of milk. Poured a glass of milk in a small bottle and a kept it the refrigerator, carried the rest of the milk in the original carton to office along with about 6 bananas. Anyone coming to my desk will be wierdly surprised to fidn the milk carton on my desk today.

Day was not bad in the sense that there were no serious cravings or hunger pangs. I had One Banana and a gulp of milk at about 11 and then 2 Bananas for lunch at 1 and one banana again at 3.30 and finally one before leaving office by 6. Milk also consumed through the day in occasional gulps.

And yes, how can I forget. The sweets from day 1 (Extremely delicious Dry Fruit Barfi) appeared on the scene again and I took my pick. That was today's Diet Discount for me !!
I had some concerns for the next day though ...

Day 5 is only Rice and Tomato. Plain rice without anything else is virtually impossible for me to eat. So the question was what to use as a taste addition. Chatted with my diet consultant friend but all possibilities I suggested were 'sweetly' rejected J She suggested the Wonder Soup besides other things which I solemnly declined since I did not know how to make a soup. She also suggested that i could use some Paneer as a substitute for some rice.

Well. When I went to the supermarket to pick up more things for the coming days, I saw the Knorr Vegetable Soup (ready mix – boil with water and ready types) and the thought of the Wonder Soup struck me. GM Diet recommends Lipton Soup mix which is not available here. So Knorr it is. So I picked it up and went home to prepare the soup. I also picked up a Paneer Packet to have tomorrow with Tomato. Paneer can kinda substitute the Rice which is a substitute for Beef so I will be eating less Rice tomorrow. Prepared my version of the Wonder Soup, had some and finished off the day with a cup of milk.

'My' Wonder Soup – The Knorr Vegetable Packet in about 1.5 litre Water heated/boiled on medium heat. I added some peas and sweet corn to it. Fine chopped a large onion and shredded some cabbage and let them join the Soup. I let them boil and the result was pretty satisfactory I would say.


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